Has anyone seen a DoubleTap Defense (derringer) ?

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I saw an announcement on their Facebook page today that didn't make sense:

Fans, we are putting the finishing touches on our announcement and making sure everything is ready for it so unfortunately the announcement won't be made today. We hope to be able to give you the good news tomorrow. We know you've been waiting a long time and we apologize for this delay, but we promise it is worth it!

They already have said multiple times - and at SHOTshow that these things would be shipping by next month, so I'm not sure what they could announcing.

It's kind of strange, they kept hyping an upcoming announcement on their Facebook page, then they postponed "the big announcement" till the NRA Show.

At the NRA Show they announced that the DoubleTap will be shipping in 10 days.

That was their big announcement.

Well at SHOTshow they said it would be shipping in 60 days, that would put the shipping date at around March 18th

I don't know, I learned to tone my enthusiasm down on this sort of thing because last year I got an e-mail reply from Dee Ecker in July that the Charter Arms 9mm PITBULL was shipping. I really wanted one and I was excited. I even called local gun dealers for prices. That was July 12, 2012. I still have never seen one except for pictures on the Internet.
Here's a pic of my .40S&W Pitbull...
I finally got to handle one of these yesterday

They really are shipping - at least the 45 versions are.

I saw my first DoubleTap at Gander Mountain yesterday, in 45 ACP.

I heard a lot about how the trigger was supposed to be so great because of the bearing system, I think it's a long, heavy trigger pull, with a lot of take up that gets gritty toward the end. I guess compared to other derringers it is an OK trigger though. And it is a derringer so I guess the trigger is relative.
Found this review of the DoubleTap

I totally missed this review until now:


One of the drawbacks for me is weight. The gun is 17.375 ounces fully loaded - which I am assuming is 2 in the chambers and 2 stored in the grip, and it's just not that far off from 17.8 ounces for my R9 fully loaded with 1 in the chamber and 6 in the magazine.

But oh well...
I know they're not semi-autos, but they're not revolvers either and since they shoot 45 ACP and 9mm I thought I'd ask the question in this forum.

They were suppossed to ship right about now - according to the press releases at the shot show. They said in January they were already back-ordered by 30,000 pistols.
I handled both .45 & 9x19 versions and the guns being about same size as XDs I see little value in owning one.
Gander Mtn. by me has both. I held them, and if I didn't already want one I definitely wouldn't now. They just seem painful to shoot.
My local "showroom" has two of them, priced in the low 400s. I didn't bother to handle them. I'd rather carry eight rounds of .32ACP in a platform that small, with the option of a rapid replenishment of seven more, than a two-shooter of any caliber. In fact, for that money, the "rapid replenishment" could even be eight more rounds ready to rock in a second gun.

And, my eight rounds of 9x19 are carried in a platform that really isn't that much bigger (and weighs the same, or less.)
They're larger than a standard pocket pistol, cost around $450-500, and only hold two shots. They have a very long trigger pull. I have not shot one, only handled one. I would assume they recoil is unpleasant in any caliber.
I've shot the 45. 6 rounds of CCI shotshells= recoil manageable, but the design of the case locks the action shut. Not going to be a snake gun while fishing.

Next I tried two 185gr Hornaday ZombieMax. Have you seen the vid of the S&W 500 'doubling'? The gun recoils so severely that the gun backs away from the trigger and fires again when your trigger finger catches up? Yeah, it did that. I was,wearing a P.A.S.T. glove and it cut the web of my hand through the glove. The trigger guard cut my finger, too. That must be where it got the name 'double tap'.

Then I shot four rounds of 230gr ball. Recoil was heavy, as expected, but at least it didn't double.

My hand was sore for a week and the bruising has faded. Next time I get the offer to shoot one, I'll just have someone whack the web of my hand with a dull hatchet. No sense in wasting good ammo.
I got to lay my hands on one this weekend at a local gunshow. They had two of them (45's) I broke them down, pulled the trigger (they were smooth) Neat little pistol for sure but I come home with a SR45 instead. :) I'm thinking they were tagged 499 or somewhere close to that.
kahr PM45

5+1 rounds
Length 5.79"
Height: 4.49"


2 rounds
Length 5.5"
Height 3.9"
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Don't forget that, while it may be the same length and width of small semi-auto, it is about half as thick. I'm not saying that makes it worthwhile, but it may be a consideration for some people.
I think what is a consideration is that you definitely have 2 shots with it, compared to a semi that theoretically could have a malfunction after the first shot, and it is way thinner than a revolver.

A consideration for me is that I can shoot rounds that wouldn't cycle in a semi-auto, or might not cycle my R9 - everything from shot shells to 147gr +P+

The one at Gander Mountain didn't last long
I've held the Bond Derringer and I'd say those were bulky.

Five and half inches of length makes it slightly longer than PM9/CM9, but the DoubleTap is thin

One of the downsides to it is that firing it really gives your hand a wack.

I stand corrected on +P ammo - the DoubleTap isn't rated for +P

I can't understand this, it's not cycling an action, its tip-up steel barrels locking into a Titanium frame.

Maybe they mean no .45 +P ???

I can't see what these things shouldn't be able to handle 9mm +P ammo.
My LGS has one sitting in the display case now. I've handled it, and I'm not impressed with any aspect of it. It has a long trigger pull that's reminiscent of my High Standard DM101 in .22 Mag. It is novel with the storage area in the butt, but just seems like the answer to an unasked question.

If the accuracy isn't any better than my HS, it will only be good to 5', and a last resort weapon.
I purchased one. Tried posting a lengthly review. This one is short. Where are the 7 patents? Where are the needle bearings? Too large and heavy. Trigger pull very rough, almost bottoms out. Not a gun for ladies. Does not shoot reloads. No extracter. Nice looking. Well finished. I give it a C. Just my opinion.
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I've got a bond ck2000. 000buck in three inch is a lot of kinetic energy in one shot. Handles 45 lc nicely too. Got a 357/38 barrel for it but not used it much. Is heavy but comfortable with heavy loads. Fits jacket pocket or console box nicely.close counts in horse shoes, hand grenades ,dancing and bond arms. Nice truck gun.
Saw one the other day, asked to handle it just for giggles.

I already thought it was a dumb idea, now I know it is... You brag about your 2 shots of .45ACP while I'll remain happy with my 7 shots of .380 or 5 of .38 Special.
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