Licensed CC vs. unlicensed OC

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Mar 15, 2007
North Texas
What is the big difference between open and concealed carry? Some states allow OC without a permit but require one for CC. What makes the difference? You still have a firearm at your immediate disposal.

I realize that there are arguments regarding OC vs. CC but why the difference in requiring a permit for one and not the other? Perhaps I’m too jaded in my outlook regarding firearms but a gun on your side is a gun on your side regardless of having a license for it. Is there some sort of implied evil regarding a concealed gun?
I think the conventional wisdom behind requiring a license or permit for concealed carry is that only ne'er-do-wells would conceal their sidearm. In other words, such laws harken back to the days of the untamed frontier, when so many people openly carried firearms, it was considered normal (like carrying a cell phone today). Back then it was deemed dishonourable to conceal your sidearm, as there was no reason to hide it unless you were being surreptitious.
What is the big difference between open and concealed carry?

Open Carry: Better than nothing and many believe it's a deterrent to any bad guy that is considering visiting harm upon you.

Concealed Carry: Better than OC from the stand point that it attracts alot less attention. Also many believe that OC alerts the bad guy that you are carrying so he can plan around it and possibly swipe your piece.

I can tell you from being a Massachusetts resident that OC is legal here(with LTC) but it's a REALLY bad idea unless you like many visits from the police EVERYWHERE you go. We have an overabundance of pants wetters here that loose all control of their emotions and faculties at the mere sight of a firearm. A "man with a gun" is immediately assumed to be a mass murderer on the loose. And I have heard that if you get the cops called on you too many times for OCing that LTCs have been yanked for it. A Chief of Police can revoke a permit in MA if he deems you "unsuitable"(I think that's the term). I don't believe there are any ironclad definitions of what "unsuitable" is so beware.
I have heard and/or read the explanation General Geoff gave many times, and it seems to be pretty well backed up historically.Also makes a lot of sense, compared to any other answer.
I carry openly a lot of the time. It's a lot easier to carry a lot more gun much more comfortably.

America would be a much happier, safer, saner, and more polite nation if we saw lots of people openly carrying guns peaceably, safely, and to good civic purpose every day.
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