Platform, caliber, terminal performance aside: Why do you CC/OC the gun you carry??

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Took me a little searching on the web. I think he means "Gun Defense Use"

Thanks, Chief. I had no luck on the 'net myself and gave up on it barring the poster's clarification.

The answers here have been very informative- many of which I hadn't anticipated- seems like quite a few here let comfort have a role in dictating what they carry and why not? If it fits well, it'll hit well and that is the point, is it not?

Besides comfort, one of the more recurrent reasons, resistance to corrosion, is one reason that I carry the pistol that I do, the Glock 17. It does a fair job against what I expose it to (sweat, humidity, etc.) on a daily basis and the larger grip fits my hand like it was cast to it.
Because the gun was designed nearly 102 years ago

It makes a big freakin' hole, I shoot it well and, it's purty.:evil:
Purely the ability to hit a target.
I want to hit my target and that is very much a deciding factor.

Good thing that means .45acp and .357 haha. :evil:
I carry what I carry- simply because there is no other handgun I can shoot as accurately and rapidly.
I changed my carry pistol just recently....

I usually carry either my Ruger GP100 or my XD45.
But some weeks ago I injured my back, and now the weight of those handguns has become a pain to carry, literally!
I noticed that I was carrying them less and less, leaving them at home or locked in the car.

So I started carrying my Ruger LCR again.

It's a nice enough revolver, but it really isn't a pocket carry handgun.
It looks like I have a billiard ball in my pocket.

So, I went to one of my local gun shops and bought a Ruger LCP.

I've only put one box of ammo through it, but it looks very promising so far.
The recoil was not nearly as snappy as I thought it would be, and it is much more accurate than I expected.
The trigger is actually kind of nice...better than the trigger on my Ruger LCR.
And I like 7 rounds of .380 auto vs 5 rounds of .38 special.
It's largly the things you didnt want to know about. I carry what I carry because of performance on what I want protection from, besides I shoot them well, they carry comfortably, and I like them. Unlike most here, I carry for critters, out in the hills. It usually a 4" Smith 29 or a 4 5/8" Ruger 45 SA, and not concealed. If I lived in a city and wasnt more concerned about large critters than anything else, I may make other choices, but I use what I believe is good for where I am and what I do.
This is a great question that got me to thinking, asked my dog and he was sticking his tongue out under the desert sun. :)

I live next to wilderness but travel to town once a week or so, so, my needs are different than most. Depending on the situation, I carry different platforms, calibers and bullet types as they relate to anticipated threats. Ergonomics, triggers and pointability are at the top of my list as they relate to toolset.

Working outside, in what passes for winter in Arizona, I may carry a M686+/6" in a shoulder rig because it's easier to access when wearing layered outing that zips/snaps as opposed lifting a coat for hip carry. The advantages of shoulder carry are magnified when operating the tractor or driving a vehicle, but a scandium 44 Special snub w/WFNs in a coat pocket complements any carry position. Most of the time a .38 Super is carried IWB/OWB when an over coat isn't worn, but that will be changing because the anticipated threat list is evolving.
The Super is very effective on coyotes at distance and fast charging pit bull breeds at short distances, it's the caliber that's been fired the most under duress.

The 1911 and Browning Hi-Power are some of the best platforms ever designed for pointability, those critical situations when there isn't time to use sights. I've lost count on the number of rattlers that I've shot behind the head, while both of us are moving, or they've coiled back to strike.

With increased hog and black bear activity, I'm changing to 10mm as a full time carry and ordered a custom 10mm railed Commander back in January. Hopefully, delivery will be soon. Things get crazy during the monsoon season, this year the monsoon rains began July 1 and we're still getting significant rainfall. About six weeks ago, a rancher (I visit with a couple a month) and his wife were preparing for bed when a black bear ripped off a bedroom window screen and started to enter their bedroom through the open window. A point blank head shot from a 357mag dazed the bear, the JHP failed to penetrate the skull, but it got up and walked away.

I'm also experiencing an increase in mountain lion confrontations at night when outside with dog, thus the requirement for a railed 1911. It's a bit unnerving to see a pair of big yellow eyes advancing, then pausing. A few days ago while operating the tractor, my German Shepherd (in a high fence pen) began barking aggressively, I kept looking around, but didn't see anything. After I finished cutting a few hours later, we went for a walk and he went to some fresh mountain lion scat that was on top of the tractor tire tracks. I never saw the big cat, apparently it didn't know it wasn't supposed to be under the 90°F sun.

With a Glock 20 (10mm) OWB loaded with 200gr WFNs @1220fps, I was prepared for hogs, but it would have fully penetrated the lion lengthwise had the situation arose. I've been in critical situations over years, but having a lion nearby while operating a large and noisy tractor is very unnerving.
Platform, caliber, terminal performance aside: Why do you CC/OC the gun you carry??

Is your decision to carry the gun you CC/OC tied to sentimentality, familiarity, nostalgia, some other emotional attachment, or something else entirely?

Skill at arms is what matters most. I carry what I carry cause I know I am good with them and they fit my dress style.

I can shoot my J 640-1 .357 better than many can a full sized service semi-auto.

I can shoot my compact size Glocks better than most can shoot their full sized carry guns.

I shoot a spare Glock sub-compact in local IDPA matches and I weekly practice with copies of my carry guns.

It ain't what you pack, it's what you can do with what you pack that matters.

For the majority I choose a good reliable manufacturer with excellent CS and warranty. Smith&Wesson, Glock, Springfield Armory, etc.

The size, weight, and fit in the hand is another factor. I cannot carry a full size pistol in the summer so I carry compacts and subcompact pistols.
I carry a 45 because it's big and slow, I don't have to worry about over penetration. I like the element of surprise so, I never OC. I carry everything from a 5" 1911 down to my new XDs in 45. I have a good gun belt so the weight doesn't bother me. I don't have a problem concealing. I just have more confidence in a 45.
Platform, caliber, terminal performance aside: Why do you CC/OC the gun you carry??

It's reliable, accurate, shootable, relatively lightweight and small enough for me to have with me everywhere I go.

I have bigger guns that I sometimes carry IWB or OWB but the places I have to go and my necessary attire dictate that those guns either have to be left at home or in the truck. I can carry the XDS 45 everywhere in the pocket without drawing attention to myself and still have a very effective round on hand.

It's also surprisingly easy to shoot for it's size and caliber so I actually train with it. It's not one of those little guns that you carry a lot and shoot a little.
It's tough to dress around a full size gun when it's 95 degrees out. Weight was most important, then the Centennial revolver platform for its reliability and snag-free draw, then size as I wanted something pocketable. Caliber was the least important criteria.
I carry my Glocks because they're cheap, reliable, light weight, and accurate. Plus, I can leave my 33rd back up mag in the truck and it works in all three sizes that I carry.
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