Mail-in-Match for Fellow THR Members!

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Dec 28, 2002
Minnesota - nine months of ice and snow...three mo
Announcing a Monthly Mail-In-Match for Fellow THR Members!

CONCEPT: A monthly, informal “postal†shooting match where fellow THR members (age 21 and over only) shoot a specific number of shots at ONE target ONE time and mail in for scoring, competing with fellow THR members and a chance for adulation and bragging rights.

IMPLEMENTS: Each month will feature a specific type of gun, caliber and course of fire. Various Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns will be featured throughout the year. Each match will be broken out into 2-3 classes based on the specifics of that month’s weapon. Classes will be based on the weapon used, NOT the shooter. Each month will also include an “Open Class†for those without access that month’s featured weapon.

1. Print out ONE and ONLY ONE copy of the month’s target
2. Take all the practice shots you want at a similar target, but you only get ONE CHANCE at each month’s target. Please print out only ONE target per shooter each month.
3. When you’re ready, shoot the course of fire at the target, take as long as you like
4. Fill in your counted score, fill out the information on the target and sign
5. Mail it in to Mail in Match, PO Box 24211, Minneapolis, MN 55424-0211 for competition. Targets MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH to qualify, so figure in time to mail from your location to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where your virtual range officer resides.
6. If you have access to a scanner or digital camera, you can send a digital image of your target to ReadyontheRight through THR or to [email protected].

SCORING: Add up hits in each ring for your score. X’s count as ten and are used to break ties. If you break the line into the higher ring, you get the higher score. Two or more bullets through the same hole? I’ve heard this happens, so if you’re lucky enough to have it happen to you, please note on your target and score it. In general, scoring questions will lean towards the shooter.

A NOTE ON THE TARGET: The quality of the target is not the best for this first match. I chose speed vs. perfection to allow competition in January. The target is a NRA B-3 50’ Rapid fire shrunk down to roughly 66% for 10 yards. The image is not the best and regular office paper will be more difficult to score than target paper. Please bear with me on this and realize that everyone is stuck with the same image.

The Rules:
-Treat all guns as if they were always loaded
-Never let the muzzle cover anything that you are not willing to destroy
-Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target
-Be sure of your target and what’s behind it
-SAFELY follow the course of fire described for each month’s match
-Only shoot where it is safe and legal to do so
-If you own or have access to that month’s featured weapon, use that weapon, otherwise participate in the Open Class
-No benches, shooting sticks, trees, partners or other steadying device allowed
-Only shooters 21 years of age and older are allowed to compete.
-Ammo – Feel free to use any ammunition you like, as long as it is safe. The bottom line is to SHOOT SAFELY.

CLASSES: Classes will be slightly different for each match. Some will be more difficult to define than others, so use your best judgment since you will be selecting your own class. In general, classes will be:
STOCK – Includes a standard gun and sites for that class of weapon. Gunsmithing improvements such as trigger work, tightening, drifting sites, etc. that do not replace out of the box parts can be considered “stock†class.
IMPROVED – Includes drop-in or add-on improvements such as improved barrel, improved sites, new trigger, springs that reduce trigger pull poundage, etc. Please include your Les Baer or any other “production†weapons made by the custom gunsmiths who guarantee a specific MOA in this class.
SCOPED – Any gun of the featured variety using a red dot, telescopic or any other kind of scope for target acquisition
OPEN CLASS – This class is to allow those without access to this month’s featured weapon to participate in the match. If you own or have access to the month’s featured weapon, use it. Otherwise use your favorite gun or dust off one you never get to shoot -- from your scoped .22 bull barrel on up to your .50 cal Desert Eagle. Please only use pistols for pistol matches, rifles for rifle matches and shotguns for shotgun matches (yes, I am hoping to figure out some kind of shotgun match).

QUESTIONS? Feel free to PM your virtual range officer - ReadyOnTheRight on THR or e-mail [email protected] with your questions. I may not always be able to get back to you immediately, so if you just approach any issues that are not covered in the rules honestly and safely, we should all have some fun with this. THR owners and moderators are not involved in this, so please don’t bother Oleg or anyone else but me about this match (unless of course you have a problem with my behavior on THR).

MATCH IMPROVEMENTS: If this mail-in Shooting match proves to be popular, we will likely standardize on better targets, clearer rules, etc. For now, we will start with targets printed on regular office paper and score them the best we can. Let’s get this monthly match started and complete and improve from there. Please post suggestions for improvements on THR under match announcements and results. No whining please.

MATCH NOTIFICATION: Matches and results will be posted in the General forum on with a linked notification in the forum that most closely fits with that month’s featured weapon.

HONOR CODE: Remember: “Character means Doing the Right Thing Even When Nobody's Looking.†Print out only ONE target per shooter per month. Shoot at it, fill it out, sign it and send it in.

THE FIRST MATCH: The .38 Special/.357 Wheelgun is by far the most recommended first pistol on THR, so it’s perfect for our first Mail-In Shooting Match. Course of fire will be 6 shots at 10 yards.

TO PARTICIPATE: Print out your target from one of these sites: Acrobat MS Word

Print out your target, shoot and get in the mail so it gets to Minneapolis by January 31. Shoot safely and GOOD LUCK!
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Guess I'll have to ask runt for a loan of her (formerly my) SW686+ or her Taurus 617 or SW640. If you like, email me the TIF version of the target and and I'll clean it up and make available for download form my server.
Looks like I am going to have to enter the "Open Class" this month. Havn't gotton me a .38/357 yet. Good luck every one!

Let me get my focused, concentration, very determined face on...:scrutiny:
I enter just to make sure no one's bashfull about sending thier targets in :neener:

Of course using my 2 1/2" 19 instead of my 4", in the improved class (aftermarket rebound spring) may not be the best plan I've had all week:scrutiny:
Maybe I missed it..but why the age limit?? Just curious...

I sure hate to discourage shooting by younger folks, but since guns aren't generally available to those under 21, I couldn't really think of a way to establish parental consent to keep myself out of trouble with parents and still keep this somewhat simple. If anyone has an idea, please let me know.

If you are shooting this with your kids, please sign it for them. For those of you old enough to fight for your country, but too young to defend yourself with a weapon:cuss: , I'll try to figure out a way for next month -- probably just a signature box on the target for a parent or guardian.
I'm in. As soon as Oleg gets the target uploaded, I'll shoot, and email a copy to you.

P.S. Be honest! It's not like you are going to win $100,000 for having the best target. This could be fun if everyone plays fair.
I'm only having luck with Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) to keep the target size consistent, so that's what you'll get when you e-mail me.

.pdf files seem to be what most of the online target folks use too. Some programs seem to print the .jpg file out as a 12" target, and that just ain't fair.:D

If you don't already have it, you can get Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 free at so you can open and print out the target.

Hate to say something...

But it is legal to own longarms at 18, and in my current state of Residence for someone under 21 to own and carry a handgun as long as they don't buy it from an FFL...

I have a license to carry, shoot in IDPA, and have shot intercollegiate bullseye, and btw... am a USMC Officer Candidate.

I'm a 20 year old College Junior... I don't understand why someone as responsible as I am is being excluded. :confused:

Any barrel length restrictions/requirements? I mean, using a 10" Dan Wesson isn't fair to those shooting 2" snubbies.
I also have to figgure out which gun to shoot. Not to mention that I'll have to do it outside and it's 14 deg right now. {shiver}
I could pit the .357 bbl on my contender and shoot open...;)

Could a MOD make this a sticky post so it stays on top, easier to find when you need it.
PUMC_TomG - e-mail sent.

Here are the "Classes" for this month's match:
_____STOCK - barrels up to 6â€
_____IMPROVED - barrels more than 6†and/or guns with significant, expensive improvements
_____SCOPED - Any scoped .38/.357 Wheelgun
_____OPEN PISTOL CLASS – Any pistol

So your 10" Dan Wesson would classify as Improved. The Encore would be Stock or Improved -- based on the barrel length, or scoped if scoped -- but please use a 6-shooter if you've got one.


Bedlamite has gone above and beyond and offered to host a website for this. He or I will post a link when it's ready.

Lots of interest! What a great bunch of shooters on THR!
I enter just to make sure no one's bashfull about sending thier targets in

I wasn't going to be bashfull, I know I suck as far as shooting tight little groups, but now I'm worried...

Just pinted the target, was showing it to David and reading him the "rules"... As he was walking away his only comment was....

"Well... The handgun is capable..." :what: :uhoh: :D
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