Pearl or ivory pics included Rodgers and Spencer

Which looks better ivory or pearl on this Rodgers and Spencer

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I'm not a fan of faux materials especially in conjunction with traditional pursuits such as Black Powder revolvers.
I'm guessing the ivory is faux, so no go.
The pearl has a better chance of being "real" if so great, if not, stick with real wood in my opinion.
Here he is sporting his best set of pearls and a perfectly timed howells 45 LC / 45 ACP cylinder combo. It has 45 LC in this pic


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We know what George Patton thought of pearl “New Orleans pimp” grips. He liked real ivory. I like wood.
I have no problem with mother-of-pearl stocks on certain handguns. But real ivory is just classier.

Absent the real deal, put me in the camp of choosing nice walnut.
Patton never had a conversation with Tom Threepersons, or Frank Hamer. ;)

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By the way. If anyone hasn’t seen it. I think “The Highwaymen” on Netflix does a fair job of showing the real Frank Hamer, Kevin Costner does him a service in his portrayal. Maney Gault wasn’t as fairly portrayed by Woody Harrelson but I guess for the purpose of the show you have to have the sidekick…
Better pics outside would help but from what I can tell THAT fake pearl looks better to me than THAT fake ivory. Both look ok to me. Its kind of a goofy looking grip anyway.