So do you let two high points pass for 150.00

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Oct 17, 2006
so like I said- do ya let a LNIB compact 9 and a .45 highpoint ln pass at the 150.00 for both price?

I think they have their place in a cabin or other hi risk if left there but may be handy to have piece... or a loaner or outright here take it piece... I have no delusions of refined anything ...

so what say you?
Good deal. I have no personal use for them so i would pass, but wouldn't blame anyone for getting them
If it was person to person I would get them in a heartbeat.

At that price point for 2 pistols LNIB I'm all in. 2 last ditch pistols as a last resort for $75 each and a popular caliber it is a winner for me.
This is only a good deal if you will either use or sell the guns.

Personally, I wouldn't. I mean, I would take them to the range once just to marvel at a blowback pistol of that size, but they don't do anything I can't already do, so they wouldn't be regulars at the range. I wouldn't sell them either, because it's too much hassle. So for me it is a bad deal. I could get the same benefit for $30 from the local range that rents handguns, or maybe for free if I started up a conversation with a friendly hi-point owner at a public range.

For someone else it might be a great bargain.
I will admit I have never shot one or seen one sot or even seen on in real life. Can't be worse than a Jennings or one of the other pot metal cheapies.
Or could it?
I would not. Price, however, sounds good if its Straight Up or Person to Person with minimal shipping/tax/dealer fees etc. Not very useful if you have other alternatives.

Provided they are both in true LNIB and in great shape, and you aren't excluding things like shipping, FFL, taxes etc. then I'd say yes I would certainly get them.

They aren't Glocks or Sigs, that's for sure, but they are very reliable and accurate handguns for there price point. They would make excellent truck/car guns or "hide away" guns for a rainy day...
Pass.. A gun of any type should not be left in a "high risk area" as you put it...

Understandable, if that's all you can afford...Buying them just to bump your collection numbers, not so much..
$150 for two guns with an unconditional lifetime warranty?

Sure! Why not? I personally don't need them, but they would make really nice gifts.
I already picked up a LNIB C9 for $70, and had no need for it. Haven't even shot it yet, and it's been nearly a year.

So, yeah, I'd pick them up. Here, it wouldn't be anything to flip them if I decided afterward I would have rather kept the money.
I hate how the pistols look but at 2 for $150 in "new" condition, I would probably do it if it was a private sale. Shoot, you can double your money by selling them again if you really wanted to. At worst you could break even for 2 at a pawn shop even.
I would snap both of those up without question. That is a terrific deal. I have the Hi-Point .45 acp. It is a straight shooter and never jams. I bought it brand new for $159 in early 2012.

I have seen them sell over $200 now at the local gun store. I would definitely buy other Hi-Point's in different calibers. Sure they are ugly and bulky...but reliable.
Not unless you plan on carrying one as a primary and the other as a backup. ;)

They just aren't reliable enough for me to own one. Sometimes you get a good one but I see too many lemons to consider them for defensive purposes where they must work every time.
Strong, reliable, heavy, ugly, great warranty, terrible ergos.

All true.

Not a fan of them but for that price why not.

They aren't Glocks but they sure aren't Jennings either.
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