What have you done in the reloading room today

I pulled out my LC 12 brass and took some measurements with my hornady comparator.
My brass streches 0.005" in my M1A National Match.
My sized brass is 1.6185 base to datum line.
My fired brass is 1.6235 base to datum line
Have you ever had it stretch so much that it failed the case gauge or failed to chamber?
My wife is in the hospital for critical/unexpected surgery so this weekend plans are in hold. I was also planning to sell my last .35Whelen rifle, along with all the Whelen-specific reloading supplies but that’s not going to happen either. It will wait.
All the best to her for a speedy recovery.
Preparing for next phase in my 45acp longevity test--

Loaded remaining 50 Winchester cases and started measuring fresh (but not new) HRTRS cases to create a dedicated batch of 50-75. Unlike when I started the Winchester batch, entire new HRTRS batch will be same length to begin with (likely .891" from the looks of it so far).

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Gorgeous. All that fussing paid off.
Just did some rearranging. I picked up a couple mtm storage boxes, which I loaded up some primers in. Put a couple thousand small pistol, and small rifle primers in an ammo can so they would be easier to access. They fit in the shelf pretty well, Decapped around 300 9mm which are getting ready to play in the tumbler with some 357 mag. image.jpg
It's either been too cold, too windy or too messy to get to the range lately. So WHY do I keep making batch after batch of ammo that I may not get around to shooting for months?? It's a SICKNESS, I tell ya!!!!! 😂

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I have the same problem lol. Im jealous of y'all that have a backyard range to test stuff at.... and I ain't shooting my M1 Garand at an indoor range and letting them keep (insert Gollum voice) my precious 30-06 brass.....
This morning I mounted a scope on my .300 blackout(it looks ridiculous on the 8.3" barrel), and installed the trigger group from my wife's Sig M18 in the Wilson Combat grip module my wife wanted to try.

After zeroing the scope I shot the 110 Vmaxes at different lengths. 2.070 still had problems feeding, and shot a ~3" group, 2.080 fed fine and shot right at 1.75", and 2.090 fed fine and shot a 1.2" group at 2061fps. Velocity dropped about 20fps for every .010" longer the bullet was seated, I didn't expect that much of a difference! Gonna run with the 2.090" load, thinking about bumping it up .2gr to see how that changes it.

The Barnes 110 TAC-TX's shot quite well! 20.0gr shot just a little over 1.5" at 2120fps ES14/SD5, and 20.2 shot 1.25" at 2143fps ES17/SD6. Pretty darn happy with that! No pressure signs on either, so I think I'm going to load up the last 10 cases I have prepped with the 20.2(max) load and hopefully "prove it".

The Wilson Combat grip module feels great, and also shoots great, a definite upgrade from the factory grip. I put 50 rounds through it, and that's DEFINITELY the best 50 I've ever put through her M18. Hopefully she likes it too!

After I got home I deprimed the brass from the trip, and swaged the .223 range brass I picked up.
Today was range day. My cfe pistol load for 9mm(that’s been waiting for a year) shot well. And the “tweeners” for Dads model 13 ran great… up to 6.9 gr. Then the gun decided to do nothing but light strikes… so it, (and my dad’s ancient tube fed Springfield 22 LR) are both headed home with me to get a spring cleaning. Hopefully that fixes it. If not, the pin looks worn to me.
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