What made you carry?

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my reasoning....

I repo cars :what:

Yeah - pretty fun stuff. I always get with the local LEOs and ask them for a bit of assistance, but then in talking to them they said "carry a gun, we can't respond that quick from over here" They sat back about 50-75 yards to observe.

So, now I do.

I also bow hunt and being in the back woods with only a knife to ward off potential predators - two and four legged - had me a bit nervous.
This Should Explain It!

Charles Wesley Roache

Executed October 22, 2004 02:18 a.m. by Lethal Injection in North Carolina

Earl Phillips
W / M / 72
Cora Owens Philips
W / F / 71
Eddie Lewis Phillips
W / M / 40
Mitzi Phillips
W / F / 44
Katie Phillips
W / F / 14
Chad McKinley Watt
W / M / 22 09-29-99 Shotgun None 04-24-01

Roache and Chris Lippard were on the run from a 48 hour crime spree that included the killing of Chad Watt. Attempting to leave the state, Lippard drove their vehicle into a ditch, disabling it. Roache and Lippard walked towards the nearest house on Rabbit Skin Road in order to steal a car. This house was 126 Earl Lane, the home of Earl (72) and Cora Phillips (71). Lippard and Roache entered and held them at gunpoint. Roache then took guns from the house, bound the Phillips' hands with duct tape, then fled with Lippard in their 1986 Ford pickup truck. Driving away, Lippard overturned the truck. Lippard returned to the house. Defendant stayed behind to gather their items from the truck. Lippard then yelled for help and Roache saw Lippard fighting with a man, later determined to be the Phillips' son, Eddie. Roache shot Eddie once in the chest with the shotgun. Roache then reloaded the gun and went to the house with Lippard. They were confronted by Mitzi Phillips, Eddies wife. Roache broke open the door and shot her once in the face. Roache then followed their 14 year old daughter, Katie, into the bathroom and shot her once in the side of the head. Lippard and Roache then went to the living room and shot both Earl and Cora Phillips in the head. Three generations of a family were eliminated without provocation and without mercy. Roache was arrested later near the Phillips home, and immediately confessed to the murders. He later waived all appeals. Accomplice Lippard received a life sentence.

Roache was previously convicted and sentenced for Possession of Controlled Substance (1996), Breaking and Entering (1995), Larceny (1992), Breaking and Entering (1991), Larceny (1991), Breaking and Entering (1990), and misdemeanor assault and communicating threats.

Theory had it that Eddie came home shortly after it all began!
It is not a guarantee, but if Eddie had had a gun in his vehicle when he came home....who knows? I went to school with Eddie! What a waste......and you know even the death of roach does not fill the void!:(

I would like to have chased him down and shot him in the side of the head! but use blanks the first dozen times! Lethal Injection!........
[email protected] got off easy, here anyway!
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Its not about fear, or living in a bad area, or a past bad experience. For most of us its about empowerment, taking ownership of our lives, and assuming the responsibility to take care of ourselves and those we love.

Well said.

Last time I checked the BG's weren't making appointments.
A serial killer followed my neighbor (diagonal across the back yard) home from a night club, forced her off the road and murdered her right in front of her house!

The car crash woke me up and I looked out the windows but being the house diagonally across the back yard I couldn't see anything. Didn't hear anything else.

Strange to find out later what happened, and to know her body was in the trunk when we walked by the car the next day for our morning exercise. I saw the car and it explained the crashing noise that woke me up, I initially assumed the driver must have been drunk to crash while parking. Later found out she was dead in the trunk. Bought two handguns the Saturday after we learned what had happened. Could easily have been my wife as we'd been to that club, and sometimes would meet after work and be in two cars coming home, this killer only preyed on women it seems.

same reason i wear my seatbelt everyday...

in hopes it's never necessary...

but i ain't going out like that...
-I carry because I'm afraid of the dark and what it can represent.
-I carry because I am ready to be attacked by slow moving zombies who are good targets.
-I carry because I love my guns and I don't want them to be lonely at the vault.
-I carry because some people don't.
I'd been considering it for years but the local CCW class was too costly. One morning in July, 2005 I woke up about 12:30am to what I thought was the cat making noise. I came out to the livingroom for a cigarette and the noise started again ... it was some lowlife scum prying his way through our front door with crowbar. I grabbed the shotgun I keep in the livingroom closet and banged on the door scaring him/them off. Went to wake the wife and stood guard in the hallway in case they came back while she called 911. ONE Officer finally showed up about 30 minutes later, found the crowbar one floor down and said since they didn't actually cross the threshold there wasn't much they could (read "would") do. There were 4 other apartment break-ins in our complex within the following month ... no one was ever caught so the &^*% is still out there roaming free. I told a friend at work and he told me where I could take the class for 1/3 the price - I've carried everyday since.

I'm no hero but I'll be damned if I'm going to stand by helplessly while someone invades my home or harms my family. Why do I carry a pistol? Because they won't let me carry a shotgun!
In one sense, the same reason I took those martial arts classes, same reason I lock the deadbolt every night, same reason I look around when crossing the street -- just in case.

The fact that I was getting married really concentrated my mind and helped me make the decision.

But, in another sense, because I can.
My reason was more for acquisition than anything else. I had become a collector, and VA has a one handgun per month policy, so I was annoyed when I couldn't buy the Radom vis 35 I saw at a show. I had purchased a handgun 29 days prior.

In VA, CHP holders can purchase as many handguns as they want. No 30 day limit. So I got the permit, and while taking the safety class, got intrigued to start doing it. I now carry everyday when I get home from work, and I avoid places I cannot carry.
I carry it as a precaution, and because I can. Other reasons:

- Both my fiance and I have been chased / followed by roadragers (did not have a cell phone at the time), and do not desire that experience, if it ever happens again, to end badly for the good guys.

- Friend of mine was robbed at gunpoint outside my old apartment (in a "low crime" area).

- My high school and college showed me that nowhere is truly safe.

- Violent crime in my area, mostly due to the illegals, is increasing.

- If I travel, it's nice to be able to take a firearm with me as I pass through or stop at unfamiliar areas.

- Having a CCW permit also allows more flexibility in transportation of my handguns.

- CCW permit counts as a NICS check and pistol purchase purmit for firearm purchases (makes it easier, saves time).
Two major reasons.

Kimberly, my wife. I swore a vow to protect her and I will. A handgun just happens to be a convenient means to that end. I will not allow the robber to harm her because he wants something she has. I will not allow the thug to take from her what belongs only to her and I. Benjamin, my son. I will not be helpless should the stray dog attempt to bite him or the unknown pedophile attempt to take him and everything in between. When he grows up, he'll be ready to shoulder the same responsibility. It's my responsibility to ensure he gets the chance to grow up.

I carry because it is one of the several responsibilties you assume as a grown man, to care for and protect your loved ones and yourself. Not doing so is negligent and to be scorned.
Being new to handguns, I see an awful lot of talk about CCW... carrying at the grocery store, at home, etc. What made you decide to carry a firearm at all times? Was it something that happened to you or someone you know in the past? Is your part of the world THAT bad, that you have to have a weapon on you in your own home during daylight hours? Please don't misunderstand. I'm not trying to personally attack anyone; just pure curiosity I suppose.

That's a common question, and it's a good one.

In my case, it wasn't anything major. No terrifyingly scary events, no bad man chasing me, no huge amounts of cash to escort to the bank ... I just experienced a steady and growing awareness that I was responsible for my own safety, and that nobody else could do that for me.

I also had a little bit of an ethical awakening where I began to suspect that if I were not willing to draw a gun in defense of my own life, I had no real moral authority to call someone else (a policeman) to do that same action for me. There's nothing wrong with calling the police -- that's what I intend to do, if there's time and I am able -- but there's something wrong with calling someone else to do that which you are not morally prepared to do yourself, in my thinking. So that started to bug me a little in the back of my mind.

That was the moral issue. On a practical level, I began to realize that the only person I could count on to always be there if something bad happened to me was ... ME.

So that was kind of going on in my mind, right around the time my husband and I moved out of our city house and into the countryside. Our nearest police station is roughly 30 minutes' drive from my front door. The cops in this county are spread a bit thin, with a distinct possibility that if something happens here, the only police on shift might be at the far end of the county (100+ miles away). So we faced the possibility of a really slow police response if something happened out here.

At the time, my husband was working really long hours, often coming home late at night, and we had a houseful of small children. Because he was gone so much, and because the police response was so likely to be very slow, I decided that I really wanted to have a gun to protect myself and the children in the really unlikely event that we were attacked.

But again, we had small children. I was unable to envision any way to store a shotgun for quick access which guaranteed my children couldn't get at the gun while I was in the other room. I could think of safe ways to store the gun, sure -- but not ways that I would be able to get in a hurry while the kids couldn't get it at all.

In addition, with multiple children, it seemed possible that in the unlikely event of a home invasion, that I might have to make the horrible decision to leave a child in the room with the intruder in order to go get my defense gun! Eeek. I did not consider that a good solution at all.

So eventually I purchased a handgun and made the committment to put it on when I got dressed in the morning, and only remove it when I went to bed at night.

And then I found something unexpected: carrying the gun did not make me more paranoid or more fearful or anything like that. Instead, I found that I was simply more aware of ... of everything. Of details around me. Of people. Of all the fascinating things that people do. Of all the beautiful little things that make life worth living.

And along that with this awareness, I experienced a real sense of freedom -- a freedom to (for instace) be friendly and open in talking to strangers even in uncertain circumstances. I could be open and friendly because I knew I could protect myself if it came to that. I no longer had to worry about other people's intentions, even at the same time as I became more alert to clues that would help me figure out what those intentions might be. It was just tremendously freeing. (See www.corneredcat.com/Social/whyicarry.aspx for a bit more detail about that aspect.)

This lifestyle isn't for everyone. The gun does get in the way sometimes.

But the sense of freedom, and the awareness that goes with it, is well worth the occasional inconvenience to me.

I enjoyed reading all of the feedback! From what I hear, it is darn near impossible to obtain a CCW here in California unless you have a VERY convincing reason. I do outside sales for a living, and I drive through some pretty crummy neighborhoods. I have to admit that sometimes I'd feel more comfortable if I had something to protect myself with. I doubt this would be a valid argument for the county sheriff, though. :rolleyes:

Thanks to everyone that responded.
To be perfectly honest, I do not understand the viewpoint of the original poster.

Why wouldn't I?

-I'm totally serious, it doesn't require thought/debate or anything... it's just what free men do.
My first post reaffirmed by decision to carry! I also had an issue where I was at a rest area in east tennessee, one with no restrooms, just a pull off. When I pulled in and stopped. There was only 1 vehicle in lot with man standing at front of car. (aproximately 1 AM)

In a few minutes he walked around my truck, then went back to the car, A couple of minutes later he done the same, however he came up to passenger door and looked in...and returned to his car.

By this time I already had my Baretta 92 in my hand under my jacket on the seat. So I rolled down the drivers window and waited...just a minute or two and he started walking towards my window....I proceeded to show him the business end of the Baretta and calmly asked...Can WE help you with something? I seen him go into the woods and thats the last I saw of him...:)

He did not know I was on mounted cell phone the whole time talking to my father...man he was LHAO.
Car broken into, attempted carjacking, house broken into in less than 7 years. call it bad luck or whatever but i don't take chances anymore. :cuss:
I would carry if the state I lived in would allow it. As of right now I would have to say I would carry simply because there are lots of criminals out there and I cannot predict their behavior.

As well as it is my right.
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