Any arguments over guns during Christmas?

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My 50+ year old uncle came over. He is not anti gun, and he grew up around guns. Since there were only old people in the house, I thought it would be safe to put my revolver down on the table because it was pulling my pants down.

So then my uncle finds it...immediately picks it up, and I yell "careful, that's loaded!". He then says "OMG it's loaded", and I had to explain why I keep it loaded.:rolleyes: What is the very next thing he does? He cocks it and starts waving it around. :banghead: Hello!?!! Did I not just explain that thing was loaded?!

All I can say is thank god for transfer bars...
With family in from South Carolina, I mentioned the tax holiday for gun purchases there. The comments were why give a tax break for guns as opposed to food or cars or anything else. I commented it was to support our 2a rights. Some one made the comment about those awful assult rifles. I was able to describe the difference between it and a SA hunting rifle. I got an 'I learned something today' from an older lady.
Yeah, me and my uncle had a big disagreement over which is a better self defense round, the 9MM or the .45 ACP....:D, and which caliber for riendeer, .223 or .308....
Hey there seale, if MY sister-in-law or mother-in-law told me I could not enter "HER" home if I was carrying, I'd sing praises and dance a jig that I'd found a way to NEVER visit again:evil:

Seriously though, I get along with them for the most part, but if that DID become a standing rule, I could live happily ever after knowing that the only thing I needed to do in order to avoid visiting, was to strap on, let my wife see it, then say "oops, sorry honey, guess I can't go today, because you KNOW I don't leave home without this," and smile as I turned on the game or grabbed a book, never missing a wink of sleep over it.

Just in case there are some of you that think this won't work for ME, consider that I not-so-politely invited my father-in-law to leave my house during Thanksgiving a few years ago, and made it abundantly clear that since he was being a total a..hole, he could stay home until he got his 'act' together. My wife opened the door, and neither of us spoke to him for at least 6 months (9 for me). She doesn't much care for the particular sister-in-law I'm refering to either, so NO PROBLEM, for ME:evil: And, we're STILL married:D
The two anti's in my family don't discuss guns or policy around me. They avoid religion and politics because I won't join in, and if put on the spot will give my two cents, if they try to debate or argue I walk off, if they get nasty I leave the house and don't talk to them till I get an apology. gun arguments, unless you consider not getting a gun for Christmas an "argument".

I carried a gun (both openly and concealed) through the entire holiday week.

Nobody cared.
My 50+ year old uncle came over. He is not anti gun, and he grew up around guns. Since there were only old people in the house, I thought it would be safe to put my revolver down on the table because it was pulling my pants down.

So then my uncle finds it...immediately picks it up, and I yell "careful, that's loaded!". He then says "OMG it's loaded", and I had to explain why I keep it loaded. What is the very next thing he does? He cocks it and starts waving it around. Hello!?!! Did I not just explain that thing was loaded?!

All I can say is thank god for transfer bars...


There would have been some yelling in my house after I took the gun away from the guy. It would then be followed up by a safety lesson and a "bonus" shoot at the range., not a one.

But we did spend most of Christmas day at my father in laws shooting guns...muzzleloaders (I had never fired a .58 before that), a 243 (Rossi 3 barrel combo) that was bought for my 12 year old nephew, a 308 (Rem Model 7 SS) that I bought my 15 year old son, the kids wanted to shoot my 1911, my father in law bought a Springfield XD and wanted me to go over how it worked with him so we wrung that one out good, my brother in law got a used S&W Sigma that he had not tried out yet...I think thats all of them.

Now thats a family gathering...All of us (wives, mothers, brothers and dads) enjoying our Christmas.
I took my new AR and my new AK home to show off to my brothers over the weekend and they thought they were cool. No problems with my brothers or parents. My sis-in-law doesn't really care for guns. I don't really think she is anti gun but she doesn't want to be around them I guess.She knows I carry but when I visit their house sometimes I don't carry. She never asks and I never tell. All is quiet on the Western/Eastern front. :]
I'm pretty sure that none of my relatives, including parents and siblings, even know that I have firearms. I like it that way.

My oldest sister is fairly liberal and I'm guessing is anti-gun, but I've never asked and won't. We try not to talk politics around each other because most of the family is fairly conservative and her and my other sister have had some animated discussions over this past election cycle.

Don't ask, don't tell works for us I guess. ;)
We try to not talk politics... but it invariably comes up somehow. My stepdad actually walked out on a dinner when some of my mom's friends had a few drinks and started going off on the President of the Office of the President Elect because they didn't believe in his rhetoric. Oh well, I am a conservative so I didn't argue against that.

It happens. As for guns, once in a while my lil sis will make a snide comment about if I am carrying, not because she's anti-gun but she just doesn't think it's necessary. I always answer yes, and she is welcomed for me protecting her and her family from the forces of evil. That usually is the extent of it.
well, surprisingly not this Christmas (or holiday season in general). Have gotten into plenty in the past. I'm another lucky man out there, my GF wants to get her CCW and LOVES my ar. I wanted to put her into a ccw class for xmas but there were some other things she really wanted (and I have A LOT of people to buy for). She'll be taking the course soon/getting something soon I hope. Her family is pretty darn cool, but I think her mom likes me even more now that she knows I carry with her daughter around (she'd probably love for her daughter to carry too!)
My much older uncle was a county sheriff and always carried... even at Christmas parties... the issue of RKBA was never even brought up at family gatherings... although there is a good 'ol family tale (and hole in the wall at Grandpa's old cabin) about a 'stupid moment' another uncle had where he 'assumed' the gun wasn't loaded... good thing grandma was smart enough to lean her face out of the muzzle path... *sigh*

There was, however, an argument about a gun this Christmas.... I gave my brother our grandmothers old bolt action .22... and he said "oh, I really can't accept this!".... I said,"yes you can."... and he said "ok".... lol
No. They know better than to waste time arguing with me. I won't change and they know it. Not any real antis when I am around family. Some who would agree to limits, but none anti gun per say.
My wife objects, but she knows that it falls on deaf ears so she doesn't really put up much of a fight any more. She grew up around guns so sometimes I wonder what she's really thinking.
Mine was surprising, I went and got my Basic Pistol Instructor Certification from Profire in Miami just a few days before Christamas. So my dad the anti whom I've fought tooth and nail to be able to allow my grandpa and uncle to teach me to shoot at 13, hearing the whole time "what are you going to use it for, what's one <expletive deleted> you think you can use it for". Well after eleven years of shooting he finally gave in after--- buying my mom two guns, paying for her to get her CWP, and now being (once the official paperwork and certificate arrive) a soon-to-be instructor my Dad asked me on Christmas day "so it's been awhile since I've shot a handgun, you want to go to the range with me after New Years (and the angels went silent in shock). He wants me to do the "First Steps" Pistol with him after I'm official so he can get his CWP.

My fiance was in shock, my mom was completely surprised, and my forty year old roomate laughed almost hysterically because of all the garbage my dad has given me when ever he's visited, over my small collection.

Well what he didn't tell me, that my mom later did, was that in my parent's supposedly uber-safe neighborhood. Someone actually walked into my paren'ts house through the open garage door (only gets closed at night, since I was a kid) and unlocked door, and past my old dying (she's eleven, has a heart arthymia, bad cataracts, arthritis, and breathing issues, but she's not ready for the last trip as the vet tells my parents) and my mom just happened to have her loaded P3AT sitting next to her labtop (she left it there by accident and didn't realize it till she saw the intruder out of the corner of her eye) and was at her desk working on an expense account for my Dad's company (she's an accountant). So my arthritic mom, with only eye that has had corrective surgery (sees great out of it now, like perfect so she can drive again), and back problems, swivels in her desk to point the gun at the intruder looking through the sights with her good eye and screaming like a banshee.

You ever hear a Jewish mother scream and bitch, magnify that by a hundred my Dad tells me. So the guy runs, scared out of his mind, to be chased by my Dad to the end of the driveway. Only after my Dad calls the cops does he realize he was unarmed when he chased the guy. This all happened in broad daylight.

The guy probably would of run at the first sight of seeing people inside the house.

Probably cased the neighborhood and saw my truck parked in the driveway when I mowed and cleaned my parent's house for them, and mowed the neighbor's yards for money, didn't see my truck and figured no one was home. And he hasn't been caught yet.

And my Dad learned how to load and unload the P3AT and Taurus 85.
No real arguements. As far as family members goes, on my side, none of my family really carries guns, or owns for that matter. I have been into guns and hunting since I was a lil girl. I am 29 now. My husbands side all own and carry, but just the men. I am the only female that owns and carries,(which has led to lots of squabbles over the years,)that was until this year. My oldest daughter is 10. She loves to hunt and can shoot very well. Well, I decided to get her her own gun. So, I got her a winchester 22 long rifle semi-auto. She fell in love! She shoots it great! Well we went to my husbands cousins house who think women should be only in the house doing as told, we went to shoot. Now he knows I shoot. He knows my daughter shoots, he didn't know she had her own gun. So, when we got and unloaded the guns, my daughter was excited and was telling them bout her gun. Aww man, it was funny.........I got this huge lecture on she will hurt herself, or worse, and she is not old enough and the list just went on and on. I just stood there laughing. She's not stupid. She has been taught gun safety her whole life. I also took her and had her take a safety course, which she done great in. But she was getting the gun out and he was telling her to be careful, and yadda yadda, and so the finally got to go shoot. They had targets set up. I just watched. She done better than both my husband and his cousin on the long range targets. I was so proud. Not for the fact she has great aim, but that she stood her ground. Everything he asked her about gun safety she told him right. I just wonder what they will say when she gets the main gun she wants......she wants a 308. She shot a buddy of my husbands 308 and liked the way it shot. So. I told her maybe for her birthday.
Well, some good friends had me over for Christmas dinner, and I brought over an old 1911-built Colt Officer's Target Model .38 revolver with 7.5 inch barrel and holster I had traded for about a week before the Holiday. After checking out the old Colt with wide eyes, their thirteen year old son now has expressed an interest in wheelguns rather than plastic magazine guns. Heresy in that household. But I don't think his parents saw the gleam in his eye which I spotted, so no argument yet.
Nooope. I don't "do" arguments.

We talked about my late Grandpa's shotgun that I cleaned up, and everybody was grateful. It hadn't been shot or cleaned since the '70s. It took me two hours... :eek:

We talked about how Grandpa's guns would probably be distributed amongst the kin. It sounds like I may have a Belgian Browning Auto 5 forced upon me... ;)

We had company and my family told me to show them my gun collection. They were in from Canada and impressed I suppose; "You sure couldn't have that in Canada".

We talked about how their grandchildren who grew up hunting and fishing might not be able to hunt when they grow up.
I don't have the slightest idea how we got to talking about guns but I asked her straight up why she is so anti gun when her grandpa was so pro gun.

You got to talking about guns because you wanted to talk about guns - is your claim that someone used some technology to take over your vocal cords?

You had an argument because you wanted to score a point about her grandpa, and you wanted to show that you were smarter than she was.

Most of the the women in my wife's family are anti's. My sister clerked for Justice Ginsburg. My brothers in law, my brother and my mom are pro-gun. If we chose to have a big argument about gun policy, we could have a big argument about gun policy. We chose not to have that argument.

Takes two people to have a argument. The way not to have an argument is to shut the heck up!

You can't control their actions, but you can control your actions. You can't control what they say, but you can control what you say. If you can't, then you shouldn't own a firearm. :)

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