Are you gonna buy an EBR if Kerry Wins?

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I think there's something in the constitution about "no retroactive laws". Something tells me he, congress, and the supremes would have a hard time selling a gun ban or a retroactive law.
if horseface is elected I'll be making several purchases before January.

at the least another AK variant, possibly two.

plenty of AK mags, I've got 14 now, probably double that.

probably buy another dozen 30rnd AR mags, I've got 50 right now.

a full length upper for my AR.

a semi-auto shotty or two. just to be safe.

its the only way to be sure. :D

Yes, I'm seriously thinking of getting an AR15 type lower if he gets elected. Second on the list is a .22 rimfire conversion for my .45ACP. Then, components for reloading. Sixteen years worth of components.

'Cause if he gets in, then Hillary's going to be the next Dem running for pres. Two terms Lurch, two terms banshee = 16 years. Plan for the worst case & pray for better times.

if horseface is elected

Then I'm insulted for horses everywhere!!!:cuss: :rolleyes:

I'm probably not going for more EBR (I opted for a Mini-14 four years ago). I may see about more mags and ammo for that. But I may try to see about a M1 Garand or two as sKerry would ban those too. And more ammo and parts.

And retroactive laws are unconstitutional. I know because my poly sci professor brought it up in lecture.
Well, seeing how I don't own even one right now I guess I had better.
Sure am.....something along the lines of PTR-91, M1A or FAL

oh, and about as much CMP ammo as I can afford to buy.....he'll shut that down ASAP
Ex Post Facto laws are:
laws that make it a criminal act to have owned or done something prior to the law taking effect
laws that increase punishment for a criminal act retroactively
laws that reduce the required elements of a crime retroactively

Ex Post Facto laws are NOT:
Laws that ban items that were legal 6 months ago
Laws that increase punishment for a crime committed 6 months ago
Laws that reduce required elements of a crime committed 6 month ago

They can ban anything they want to. What they can't do is pass a law that makes you a criminal for having owned guns before the law passed.
You're correct that a law passed today cannot make you a criminal for owning guns yesterday. But a new law can outlaw that gun, and can either make you turn it in, with or without fair compensation from the government, as well as impose ridiculous fees and other restrictions, with the failure to comply with those new restrictions made a new crime. I am old enough to remember when LSD was not illegal to manufacture or possess, and then, by government fiat, it was added to the list of illegal drugs. Possession prior to the reclassification as illegal was not a defense if you were caught in possession of the drug. The exact same thing can happen with various types of classes of guns. In addition to so-called assault weapons, I think all semi-auto rifles and shotguns will follow shortly thereafter, followed first by outlawing semi-auto handguns, and ultimately banning all privately owned handguns. . My own family, including a son who is an LEO think I am an alarmist but once lost, freedom is very hard t regain. I would rather be a bit paranoid now instead of sorry later.
***You may buy guns, but *I* have a machine shop, and I know how to use it. Teach a man to fish... ***

Indeed. I don't have a machine shop, but I've got some tools, and I can read. Parts kits are much cheaper than completed firearms anyway..........:)
No EBR's for me either way here in Californiastan. Best I can do is paint an SKS black. :p
If comrade Kerry wins I will be picking up a WASR 10 and plenty of ammo to keep my SKS company. If Bush wins I will celebrate by picking up a WASR 10 to keep my SKS company... ;)
Yes. But a bolt action Remington 700.

It'll still be banned if Kerry wins. Because it looks bad.
I wish I could afford to buy an EBR. Because of money constraints, I will not be purchasing any evil stuff if sKerry wins. However, if it looks like we'll have AWB v2.0, I will warm up the credit cards as well.
Those of you planning to buy only if Kerry get's elected may be in for a nasty surprise. Since there are so many with the same plan, orders will far and away outstrip supply. Right now, try to find a Bushie or RRA lower. I called about a dozen companies last week and not one of them had any instock and it was going to be weeks before any more arrived. I wound up ordering 3 Stag lowers, but I expect those to sell out fast if Kerry get's elected. Also, the price is likely to jump dramatically.

As soon as the AWB ended I bought one AK and built two more. I also bought a 20" Oly AR and have now ordered the 3 lowers. I'm just afraid this may be one of those cases where "if you snooze you lose". I hope I'm wrong.
I just ordered a Stag lower and LAR Grizzly A2 Upper ($35 blem). Last week, I ordered an evil collapsible stock and picked up a new bushy 30rnd mag. From here on out, I'm going to pick it up a piece at a time until I have a complete rifle. I was going to do that regardless of who wins, but I'll step up my efforts if Kerry wins.

It's the AR installment plan...

I've got an SA-58 on backorder that will be mine no matter who wins tomorrow. If I see AWB II coming, I'll be ordering more AR lowers.
I bought an EBR not long ago...but do you think Kerry might not only lead an effort to eliminate future EBR sales, but also attempt to make the ones we already own illegal?

All talk of ex post facto aside, what would you do if he did manage to strongarm congress into passing such a law?
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