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Jan 15, 2007
A friend and I were talking about OC (open carry) .. He has his CCW and was telling me that he learned that it is illegal to open carry his firearm.. His instructor told him this.. I know I have seen threads about many people open carrying and I was under the impression that it was not ILLEGAL but I don't know for sure the laws on it (We are talking about it here in Texas).. Someone help me out in answering the question please! Thanks
Illegal to open carry a handgun in Texas. OK on your own property.
Legal to carry a rifle or shotgun on your back through every town in Texas... though the cops will think up something to charge you with (disturbing the peace or something of the kind).
The other side of the question is....

why do you want to draw attention to yourself? chris3
why do you want to draw attention to yourself?

Maybe I want to have the right to carry openly if I wish.

There are plenty of places where open carry would be appropriate, no need to rehash all that, it's been beaten to death.
This has always had mescratching my head......

Texans can be trusted with a concealed handgun and not with one openly carried? Instead they are constantly concerned about weather or not their gun is going to " print ". Open carry is perfectly fine in New Hampshire, but you do need an easily obtained permit to carry concealed. I think mine cost twenty bucks for four years. This makes a lot mmore sense to me....Essex
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