Open Carry?

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traditionally an honest man would openly carry and a dishonest man would hide his weapon
I'm not sure which bothers me more: the statement itself or the blanket logic behind it.

I am a little unhappy to see a new member, despite his failure to use the 'search' feature, referred to as a troll so early in the thread.

Such seems to be the way with this debate, though.
I don't think its poorly worded? It's a factual statement; I open carry because I'm an activist as well as free man exercising the right in its purest unadulterated form (although I do occasionally conceal, mainly during the winter months on the few days it gets chilly in south GA).

Nunn vs State of GA (was cited in Heller):

*11 We are of the opinion, then, that so far as the act of 1837 seeks to suppress the practice of carrying certain weapons secretly, that it is valid, inasmuch as it does not deprive the citizen of his natural right of self-defence, or of his constitutional right to keep and bear arms. But that so much of it, as contains a prohibition against bearing arms openly, is in conflict with the Constitution, and void; and that, as the defendant has been indicted and convicted for carrying a pistol, without charging that it was done in a concealed manner, under that portion of the statute which entirely forbids its use, the judgment of the court below must be reversed, and the proceeding quashed.
I don't think it's poorly worded?

It is in the context I was reading it in, and that I have most often seen it in - referencing popular opinion around the time the constitution was drafted. Since you clarified that you were applying your statement in current context, then it is obviously not poorly worded. My apologies.
I must CC because I can't OC...not fair, not right, I know, it's a bummer
That's too bad I always expect Texas to be a frontrunner for Gun Rights. Move to NM.
I don't think its poorly worded? It's a factual statement; I open carry because I'm an activist as well as free man exercising the right in its purest unadulterated form.
So, those who prefer to exercise more discretion are not? Frankly, there are many situations in which I'd like not to be noticed carrying a gun. Am I being "dishonest" or somehow furtive when I do so?

We're not the kind of people who need to be engaging blanket stereotyping, particularly among our own.

To the original poster:

Using the site advanced search feature, do a search for posts made by ArfinGreebly containing the word "unremarkable."

You will find my view expressed, at some length, in those posts.

I will be happy to answer any specific questions you have regarding what I've written there.

Troll. Funny, never been called that before.

So far I have learned a few things.

1. There's an idiot in every crowd. I hope they can read my mind. Nuff said
2. There are actually some very nice, thoughtful people here willing to help and share thier knowledge and experience. I thank each one of you.
3. Until more people are educated about open carry, the open carry movement will also continue to fight concealed carriers that oppose them. Stupid remarks and accusations don't help your cause. The gun haters just love it when we fight amongst ourselves.
4. Maybe it would be better if we all open carried.

Please keep the INTELLIGENT posts coming.

Thank You.
Just Curious . . .

So, kanewpadle, did you take the time to chase down those "unremarkable" posts?

They appear in (older) threads like this one, and some of the other material near those posts is worth reading.

When im on a fourwheeler I open carry due to nesessity. The only other time I open carry is when I go to the store which is on the way to fourwheeling. I live in rural Kentucky so as far as I have noticed in the last few years no one cares or pays attention.
Ok, I read them. Still not sure I agree but I see a lot of good points. However, "unremarkable" makes sense. Will we ever get there? Who knows.
For a guy asking questions you already seem to have formed some pretty serious opinions. I open carry because it's convienent and more comfortable. I don't worry about someone snatching my gun or cops rousting me. I don't open carry as a method to make up for short comings. I quickly handle with verbal authority any moron that chooses to question me about it. I do the same with strangers who think it's neat and want to make small talk about it. You want to mess with a man that is carrying a gun openly do so at your own risk and be prepared for the consequences. If you don't want to open carry, don't. If it bothers you that I do, it will be better for you if you do not make it a point to tell me so. If you think it's way cool, best that you do that under your breath also. A man that is confident enough to open carry is also likely to be a man better off ignored.

When I OC, I don't know the difference between a threat and a groupie, so I treat all the same. Mind your own business.
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For me, concealed carry is more convenient. Many people; including myself; wear boots. Of the cowboy persuasion. They are perfect for also carrying a gun. Open carry is a PAIN; Literally. Driving, I don't like the gun digging into my side. Walking, I don't like having to rearrange clothing to make it comfortable. Normally, my gun is either in my boot or in my jacket/coat. If I'm working on the ranch, riding a horse, fixing a fence, etc... then open carry is more comfortable. Sometimes I just let it sit on the front seat of the truck if I'm working. When I'm at my normal job; Mon-Fri; I can't have a gun at all, so that's a non-issue. Tonight, my wife, I, and kids went out to dinner in a very nice restaurant. The gun was in my boot like it normally is. If I'm wearing a jacket, it's in the small of my back either IWB or OWB. I don't even think about; "How am I going to EXERCISE my 2nd amendment Right today? Hmmm".

3. Until more people are educated about open carry, the open carry movement will also continue to fight concealed carriers that oppose them. Stupid remarks and accusations don't help your cause. The gun haters just love it when we fight amongst ourselves.

Talk about a "Stupid remark". There's a lot of reasons people carry openly and why some carry concealed. If you choose to Open Carry for the sole purpose of being an activist and "Educating" people about your "RIGHT" to keep and bear arms; then go for it. That's your right. Where I live, we don't do that. And we don't NEED to do that. We're very PRO-Gun; 85% of the state owns guns; we carry guns (Either openly or concealed) with a purpose. And the purpose isn't to educate others or to be a political activist. Yes, some of you live in some pretty "F'd" up places. We get that. Some of your local/state laws truly suck. But your perspective isn't going to be the same as many others; nor will theirs be the same as yours. There's education that needs to be done on both sides.
Damn right I'm serious. Carrying a gun open or concealed is serious. Your post tells me exactly what kind of person you are. Just another I'm somebody don't mess with me macho attitude that is completely self serving and selfish.

Is it really that hard for some of you to comprehend? I know relatively nothing about open carry except that you don't conceal your gun. I've never done it. Don't desire too. And don't need to. I'm am comfortable with how, where and what I carry.

My limited experience with open carry people is the same as your post. All macho, look at me got a gun BS. Some of you guys just like to post here to get some attention and get your ego massaged. It ain't gonna happen here.

If you can't post a reply that's halfway itelligent or knowledgable, then DON'T.

Give your views on open carry. Why do you do so? How often? What advantage or disadvantages to you see?

If open carry is going to someday be "UNREMARKABLE" then we need to dispense with the bravado look at me crap and give folks an honest educated answer when they ask. The more you educate the better off we all will be.
I not only have a gun, I probably have two. And a knife, or two. I don't care what you think or whether you approve. Look around you, it's a nasty world out there. If you want an education take a FOF class.

You are absolutely correct in one thing, my attitude is completely self serving and selfish. The sooner you make the decision to to do the same the better off you will be.
Gentlemen . . .

Just a reminder civility is not accomplished through ridicule.

Uh, christcorp,
Talk about a "Stupid remark".
we can afford to lose the snark.

Civility doesn't cost anything, and it makes my job a lot easier.

Carry on.

I have a great idea. It is called liberty. Let anyone carry as they choose and there is no reason to argue over it. Do what makes you feel good.
I do both. I live in a small desert town (Pop.11,000) in Arizona. We have a lot of grazing land around town. We move cattle from one section to another the old fashoned way, on horseback. We all open carry a pistol. Sometimes we go have lunch at the local cafe. We all open carry. Whenever I go out in the desert, which is often I open carry a Ruger P90, 45 ACP. I load two snake loads and 7 hollow points. Hard to conceal a Ruger P90. Basicly a "Brick with a trigger" but it will cycle anything consistantly. The rest of the time when I'm in town I carry a Makarov or a PA 63 concealed. It gets real hot here, (110-115) and shorts and tee shirts are uniform of the day and these small frames conceal nicely. Point is that even in an isolated desert town there are very few who OC in town except when working, but most CCW. I'm not advocating one over the other, just relating real life experience.
Arfin; I was simply QUOTING #35 and responding. I didn't bring in the vocabulary. It was actually a comparison to the original quote. But OK.

kanewpadle; not sure if you were responding to my post, being you posted AFTER mine. But I believe that my response was exactly what you were asking for. How do I carry; Why I carry that way; and the pros-cons (In my opinion) of both. If you weren't responding to my post, disregard.
i dunno if this point has come up just scrolled through oc is illegal in ny (what isn't) i wish it was legal though for the most part walking around city type atmosphere i wouldn't do it just me to meny idiots asking questions and i doubt it but possible some try to take it - for fishing and hiking though it would be awesome so much easier its to bad guns are so scary to people how did it ever get like that
Ok I will bite, Kansas prohibits open carry but allows CCW. I prefer open carry for one its more comfortable, two its easier to just draw without trying to get around your cover garments, and three I am used to tactical thigh holsters that I used in the military. You can always clear a thigh holster no matter how much gear your packing.
Everytime I bring out my CCW the police instantly quit tongue whipping you and move into respect mode. It didnt turn into the wild west like all the anti's cried wolf. They also lost Heller so they are on the outs as political personnel are concerned. I OC'd once on accident in town and not a blessed soul even noticed. People are to concerned with what is affecting them now to worry about what your doing.
Its a sign of the times.
P.S. I likes my BBQ gun!
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