This is so sad it's funny!

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There are quite a few interesting folks over there and frankly they give me a headache and remind me of ignorant, spoiled little children. I cannot and will not believe those folks are representitive of the Democratic party. I have met many liberals/Democrats who are intelligent, well spoken, friendly etc. We just simply don't agree. Boy it's good to be an American and disagree.

Anyway welcome to Jeff K. You have a PM.

Jeff K said:
and I'm not here to be some whipping boy for the Bush lovers among you.


You may find quite a few of us here that don't like Bush. Personally, he is way too liberal for me!

Jeff unlike DU, you can pretty much take any political position you want here, very few subjects are taboo...

You will probably learn that THR has one of the lowest a**hole ratios of any Board on the net...we have our share of looneys too, but then again there are normal (relatively) people too (hopefully I am one)....:)

Welcome aboard Jeff K. I recently purchased an SKS and it's one of my funnest rifles.

I don't like either of the major parties because neither one recognizes all of our rights. But I sided with Bush because if the people are armed the government is more likely to listen to the will of the people. Backed with force the voice carries. Disarmed it makes that same voice a nuisance to be eliminated by those in power.

If the people retain power, then we don't have to resort to violence to correct the errors of our government. If we give up our power, we have no choice but revolution.
Jeff K

Welcome to The High Road! I lurk over at DU on occasion and just noticed I haven't heard from Mr. Benchley in a while. He usually posts in the gungeon. Do you know what's up? I hope he's OK.
I haven't heard from Mr. Benchley in a while. He usually posts in the gungeon

Now there is a guy you just love to hate. Gotta love that guy, he sure doesn't budge on his ideals no matter how much the facts get in the way. I don't lurk often but I have read a great many of his posts and he gives me a headache. He falls into my buy him a beer, agree to disagree and find something else to talk about category.

Seriously though I don't wish any ill will and I too hope he is ok.

There have been very few politicians I can agree mostly with since Washington and Jefferson... Since then most politicians seem to think the primary enemy is our Constitution and after that US.

Jeff K. :) Welcome to our little forest of soapbox speakers!!! :) I hope you find this to be a comfortable and rewarding place to visit as often as you wish! :D
Have you looked at the werenotsorry site? those folks are armed to the hilt and all it would take is them getting the bright idea that "hey, libs aren't armed, right? We own most of the guns right? Elections, smelections, let's round em up!"
And if you are a repub (I'm not accusing, btw)- please tell Sarah Brady to go back to your party where she belongs. She's the biggest Trojan Horse the modern era has seen. Begs Dems for gun control legislation while still belonging to the repub party and campaigning for its candidates. Geesh.

found another post in another one of their forums. a thread was started announcing the opening of a chapter of the Pink Pistols, and a moderator locked it, stating the following:

2. I think this topic has run its DU course.

3. The group supports a candidate for President that is NOT John Kerry.

4. If there is concrete evidence the group supports Kerry then we'll have some Pink Pistol threads, without it, I don't see how this supports DU's mission of unselecting Bush*.

basically, it appears as if they only want to hear from Pink Pistol members that would vote for Kerry, not libertarian. how quiant and elitist, hmmm?
all kinds of good stuff over there!

As if I am a minority. The world agrees with me. The UN Agrees with me. And a lot of Democrats too.
See, the problem is after 1994 alot of dems are afraid to piss off the NRA, man, is the democratic party that weak? CERTAINLY NOT!
The reason why nothing gets done is people like you. We must stand together as Democrats against guns. With a united front, we can keep these monsters off our streets.
Bolts and pumps can be fired almost as fast as a semi-auto. You can fire a bullet per second! A BULLET PER SECOND! In one minute you can kill an entire small town!
I hate it when you act as if John Kerry is some gun-nut. He's smart, he knows we only need hunting rifles, and for hunting you only need single shot rifles. I don't want to ban all guns, you can have bolt-action rifles!!!! That's enough to plink and hunt with. Your rights will not be violated!!
DU is a freaking hellhole. Any place that bands you for differing even slightly in opinion is no place I would want to visit. Why should I care what they have to say? I can just read their "mission statement" and be done with it.
Welcome aboard Jeff K!

Everyone is welcome here and you will get some of the most diverse opinions on the planet. The MANNER in which the opinions are stated is the big diff. That, and the fact that one can be polite and still be banned for an opinion on a website speaks volumes as to their mindset "over there." Opine away AND have fun doing it!
Dunno which one of you is "benomo", but the point is well-enough made:

The vast majority of gun owners and sellers in this country are not bigots as you suppose them to be. Unlike you most don't label people and would be very happy to sell you a firearm providing you are legally allowed to purchase one. A business is built to make money. By buying a firearm from them, you are supporting the business.

So why don't we try to keep the prejudiced comments at a minimum. Shall we?

Personally, I wish more people would exercise their right to own a firearm. To understand that right is to understand the underlying principles of our country and it's Constitution. The Second Amendment was written to keep our government from getting any wild and crazy ideas. Or at least acting on them.

Bigotry goes in more than one direction, no? ;)
Wildalaska said:
but then again there are normal (relatively) people too (hopefully I am one)....:)


Normal? You? Someone call Spiff, WA's off his meds again. He's having delusions of normalcy. :neener:

Not unlike my occasional delusions of adequacy. ;)
ya aint kidding! one of WA's subordinates had to give him a refresher course in how to fill out the yellow form!

plus i notice he hasnt mentioned SWMBO in a while.

i'm starting to get worried. :uhoh:
Furious Styles said:

Did anyone tell Jeff about it?

A guy I work with told me little about it. He was off today so I need to get him over here and show me how to get this stuff off.
With gloves and ventilation. ;)

There have been a lot of threads here about that, too. If you go up to the top of this page and click on "search," then enter "cleaning cosmoline" (without the quotation marks), you'll see several that will give you some more background information.

EDITED TO ADD: Sorry about the thread drift, folks. :)
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Happy Bob said:
With gloves and ventilation. ;)
EDITED TO ADD: Sorry about the thread drift, folks. :)

Quite right. We have a new gun owner here who just happens to be a liberal. So be it, that's his constitutional right. I think this thread should steer back towards it's original intent, we welcome a new gun owner, and because he's a self-professed newbie, move this thread in a more constructive direction, by guiding him towards cheap ammo, tips and tricks, accessories, etc.

I would try myself, but I don't own an SKS, and know little about them. I limit my military long guns to US-made.

Welcome Jeff! As is custom here, when you take it to the range, we would all appreciate what we call a "Range Report." That is, tell us how *it* shoots, tell us how *you* shot, and your overall impressions of the gun, the range, and your experience. We all do it whenever we get something new.

Hey Jeff, welcome! Whereabouts are you? Maybe we've got someone in the area that can get you pointed in the right direction, ammo- and range-wise.

Oh, yeah--new guy buys the ammo! :neener:
I'm driving 300 miles this weekend to pick up my Yugo SKS... it's in great shape and has a book logging the times and dates it was fired - pretty cool.

I'll be cleaning Cosmoline off the metal with that Slip 2000 725 degreaser recommended on another thread
Jeff K: Welcome!

I'm driving 300 miles this weekend to pick up my Yugo SKS... it's in great shape and has a book logging the times and dates it was fired - pretty cool.

I'll be cleaning Cosmoline off the metal with that Slip 2000 725 degreaser recommended on another thread

Also got a case of ammo from ... also Yugo. ;) The new Wolf polymer stuff is great too. I get that stuff at

Let us know how it works out for you - and be sure to clean off all the grease (inside and out) before shooting! Some links you might already have: ;) - best SKS site - major SKS site - SKS Disassembly - SKS firing pin improvement - SKS triggers - Yuko SKS Survey

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