Traffic Stop WHY Is It Safer To Inform

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I might be wrong with this but here goes. Here we are not required to inform. If its just a traffic stop for something minor its probably best to keep it to yourself. I've seen some leo's make a big deal out of any firearms in cars. It can make a short traffic stop into a long drawn out affair. Out here even having a large amount of cash on you can get you looked at real hard and it can even be confiscated, and this is a gambling town, lots of cash gets exchanged all the time.
here in AZ, their systems show that I have a CCW so the officers ask. Now that I know this(and experienced it, wow did it catch me off guard) I inform officers.

deaconkarma: If you have a permit and your firearm is in the vehicle, why is it not on your side or wherever you carry it?

That was the deal and point I was making. Since I was carrying, (it was attached at the hip/pocket) I had to divulge. The real twist is, though if it is in the Glove box, I do not have to divulge and thus not get disarmed... So if po-po wants to know and then makes a habit of disarming once he knows, I'll just move the firearm to a spot where I don't have to tell thus not get disarmed. I am one of those people that like to keep my toys in my possession not a stranger with undefined skills or knowledge.

The other more tinfoil hat reason I don't wanna give my gun up is they can record the serial and call ncic on my firearm. ( I admit it's tinfoilish but stranger things have happend, like say in Cali with the ak register and subsequent ban) Here in SC you don't have to register interpersonal sales of firearms. Them running ncic on a gun not prior registered to me that I got second hand... one day that could be defacto registration.
I talked with a highway patrol this past week again while in my vehicle. I hadn't been stopped, in fact I stopped and talked with him about a truck that had ran me off the road.

But while at my passenger window, he made two observations. His first was, "You have more weapons in here than I have in my squad car. Is there a reason for that?" My answer, "Yeah, I like guns." Amazingly, that was the end of that topic.

His second observation was, "Is that a beer bottle?" My response as I picked the bottle out of a trash bag, "No, I don't drink, it's a root beer bottle."

Sometimes it's good to be in Wyoming.
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