another reason why we should stay out of NYC

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They have to deal with the scum-of-the-earth on a daily basis and that could turn you ultra-cynical. Especially in a megalopolis like NYC.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
This is the crap that Rudi Guliani started as part of his clean up the city program. If 2 males were standing at a bus stop find a reason to bust them.
It's still going on. Make life difficult for them. The hell with the Constitution. The judges work for Rudi and he'll keep them in line.
You're not the first and you won't be the last to be subjected to this kind of treatment.
I'm so glad I'm out of there.
Anybody still want to vote for Rudi. Dictator of New York?

Actually, What Rudi did was decide that strict enforcement, was what the area needed, and it did work, where all the other crap had failed. I have to spend time in NYC and LI, I do not like it, but I have family(cousins) who live there and where they live, it does not suck, but the rest of the place does.

Strict enforcement meant that if you broke one law, you were likely to break other laws as well. If you were a graffiti "artist" you probably littered and broke windows, and as purchases of spray paint was limited to 21+ you were probably also a shoplifter, so if we arrest you for the tagging, then we stop all the other crimes down the line. It worked, I have been on Broadway and Times Square in the last two years and you could walk around not molested by pickpockets, panhandlers and pimps. They just were not present anymore. Times Square is actually a family destination now, not like it was ten fifteen years ago with all the porn shops and the like that was there.

HOWEVER that said, IF NYC really wanted to do something about crime, It would read the data and issue permits to any and all legitimate Citizens who wanted a carry permit.

Lastly, the comment about it is not the police who make it a hellhole, Actually, in this situation, it was the police who ruined the mans evening. And they need to know about it. Write to the commissioner of police. Write to the dept of tourism board. Explain to them the amount of outright hatred that this sort of behavior breeds to those who live in the USA. Explain to them the results of this behavior.

I have done so, in the past regarding the handling of my luggage at their airports, and I have a added piece of power, I am on the board of my local professional association. I have written them on behalf of the Board saying that we had voted against having our Annual meeting of the national Assoc. in NYC as we felt it was too much of a risk to our membership and too much of a hardship for them to go to a place that refused to recognize basic Constitutional rights. That letter firmly stated that such places as Texas, Fl, and NEV. were much more willing to accept us and our Constitutional rights, and to this day, when ever we schedule trips to meetings in DFW< Orlando/tampa or Las Vegas. I make sure to send a CC of our travel Itinerary and our budget for the four or five people who go to these conventions. I then always say we are the third smallest of the national branches and multiply times the number of national outfits, I then ask, if they have gotten the idea that this prejudicial behavior is costing their state big time money just from us, but also from the multitude of other Professional Assoc. who have decided same as us, that NYC is not worth visiting. I figure every time we meet somewhere else, we are costing NYC 18-20 million in lost revenue. I hope it continues. Everyone of you who has a Professional association, this is one reason to try to get on the board,
Police in Gun Unfriendly Places...........

..... will target you for search if you are from the Gun Friendly South. I've been to training schools in places like Illinois and California, where some of the Gun Grabbing politicians and Police cheifs "remind" their Officers that people from Southern states keep guns in their cars. When I take road trips, I intentionally avoid the Communist Countries like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, etc. Those are places where they generally have no understanding or patience with citizens and guns. I found it strange, that I talked about being raised with guns. My Dad and Grandfather were cops, we hunted, shot competition, went plinking, my mom shot competition, we always had guns around. But many of these Police officers said they never handled a gun, until they when into the Academy. Which also may explain why many of them have the attitude of "only Cops can have guns".
I have determined, that when I take vacations and road trips, I will not go through their States, will not stay in their hotels, buy their gas, eat in their diners, etc. I would encourage all law-abiding gun owners to do the same, and write the Govenors of those states a letter explaining why you avoid their states, and won't spend your money there.
More scaredy cat police explains it all.

Scaredy cat cops hate when the are no longer the elite armed folk in the area.

Answer to the question why do you need a carry license to the cop is NONE OF YOUR BUSSINES,

To save typing Scaredy cat cop = Meow.
Bunk or not I could persuade a court that it was reasonable with the totality of the situation for Officer safety. Maybe if I had to deal with a more Liberal Judges it could get difficult.

I don't buy it. Cases where searches turned up actual criminal evidence and were done on similar weak reasons for the search are thrown out.

Now, you may not be able to win big $ in civil court vs the police department, but that is irrelevant.
There was recently a case just down the road that determined an NRA sticker was NOT justification to search a car for weapons. The officer had done just that and as a result of this judgement, the weapons conviction that resulted was thrown out.

Seems like the same would apply for a permit. Of course the results of the NRA sticker case might have been very different if tried in NYC.
What do you expect from a godless and rude town where there is taxation, permits, rules, and regulations for everything you do. It took 15 months for them to grant me a "target" pistol permit, yet I could never be good enough to carry a pistol for protection. Their idea of self defense against an intruder is you must try to get away from him as he chases you around your house.

I was born and raised there, and I can tell you that the place is full of know- it-all elitists who think they are so much smarter then everybody else.

Don't get me started on that town!!
Get Boston's book, You and the Police. avalible at Very informative, and will teach you how to handle such situations. I consider it a must read, expecially in those places that may have "problematic" police (ie, Chicago, NYC, NJ, PRK)

The police were within their rights to ask for I.D. due to the park being closed. They could have issued a citation. Having the CCW permit in sight with wallet open is sloppy, but a Terry search could have been initiated just by being in the park after hours, not due to the permit. That is what the police will say. The car would have been subject to a Terry search if you were in it, due to immediate proximity, but anything locked (glove box, trunk) could not have been. If an invasive search (ie, inside pockets, trunk, glove box, locked vehicle if you were NOT in it) was wanted, the police would of HAD to articulate REASONABLE SUSPICION on scene to innitiate a search with out a warant.

From what I read, the police seemed to be within their rights.

Usually when I found myself in a bad situation with the police, I could latter reflect on just what one little thing caused my problem. Like being 15 minutes past closing in a "piblic" park. :cuss:

Get the book, read it and reflect. I helped me to be under the radar in any involvement with law enforcement. I keep my F.O.I.D. (required in ILLINOIS :barf: )card burried deep, so it won't show durring a traffic stop. It keeps them one step further away from my firearms if they don't have any identifiable reason to think I have any with me. Helps alot if you happen to get an anti-gun officer.
A oldie but still funny.

Recently, a California web site ran an e-mail forum (a question and
answer exchange) where the topic was "Policing the Community."
One of the civilian email participants posed the following question:

"I would like to know how it is possible
for police officers to continually harass people and get away with it?"

From the "other side" (the law enforcement side) a cool cop with a sense
of humor replied:

It is not easy. In California we average one cop for every 2,000 people.
About 60% of those cops are on patrol, where we do most of the
harassing. One-fifth of that 60% are on duty at any given moment and are
available for harassing people. So, one cop is responsible for harassing
about 10,000 residents. When you toss in the commercial, business and
tourist locations that attract people from other areas, sometimes you
have a situation where a single cop is responsible for harassing 20,000
or more people each day.

A ten-hour shift runs 36,000 seconds. This gives a cop one second to
harass a person, and three-fourths of a second to eat a donut AND then
find a new person to harass. This is not an easy task. Most cops are not
up to it, day in and day out. It is just too tiring. What we do is
utilize some tools to help us narrow down those people which we harass.
They are as follows:
People will call us up and point out things that cause us to focus on a
person for special harassment. "My neighbor is beating his wife" is a
code phrase we use. Then we come out and give special harassment.
Another popular one on a weeknight is, "The kids next door are having a
loud party."
We have special cops assigned to harass people who drive. They like to
harass the drivers of fast cars, cars blasting music, cars with expired
registration stickers and the like. It is lots of fun when you pick them
out of traffic for nothing more obvious than running a red light.
Sometimes you get to really heap the harassment on when you find they
have drugs in the car, are driving drunk, or they have an outstanding
Some people take off running just at the sight of a police officer.
Nothing is quite as satisfying as running after them like a beagle on
the scent of a bunny. When you catch them you can harass them for hours.

When you can think of nothing else to do, there are books that give
ideas for reasons to harass folks. They are called "Codes" Penal,
Vehicle, Health and Safety, Business and Professional Codes, to name a
few. They spell out all sorts of things for which you can really mess
with people.
After you read the code, you can just drive around for a while until you
find someone violating one of these listed offenses and harass them.
Just last week I saw a guy smash a car window. Well, the code says that
is not allowed. That meant I got permission to harass this guy. It is a
pretty cool system that we have set up, and it works pretty well. We
seem to have a never-ending supply of folks to harass.
And we get away with it. Why? Because the good citizens who pay the tab
actually like the fact that we keep the streets safe for them.
Remember that when the police run your name through the system the CCW license might show up during the check (depends on the issuing state rules on sharing this info). At least this is the case in Mass. Mass gun owners are on the same registry system as sex offenders, armed robbers and other criminals.
this is the real NYPD

I lived in NY most my life and never met a n.y. cop I trusted:cuss: . But since I moved to Georgia I slowly began to change my view of the police. just not NYPD:barf: .
I have a couple of very good friends that work for nypd and it is funny how anti they are to anyone having gun except cops.
I'm not trying to bash all cops but most of NYPD sucks!
Yeah I moved away from NYC 26yrs ago and don't miss anything but food and my relatives.They tax you on everything up there.All the criminals have guns but not the people who should.I just visited my cousin while he was down Fl on vacation he told me he had to join a gun club in NYC just to keep his target pistil permit.They now require you to show documentation that you go to a range on a regular basis in order to keep your permit.
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