Encounter with LEO's while carrying concealed part 2

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Shep - been there.
Handed the cop my DL & CCW from my pocket and told him that my registration was in my glovebox under a pistol. I then asked him "How should we handle this?"
I try to keep on top of things around here, but hadn't heard that DL check point roadblocks had become as "legal" as the DUI checkpoints. I do recall that the DUI checks had to be announced publicly (in some media, however obscure :rolleyes: ) 48 or 72 hours in advance.

But all that may have changed. The Kaliban running Kalifornistan backed by the 9th Circus Court of Clowns are certainly capable of having the Law mean whatever they want it to mean and changing it based on the Phase of the Moon or the arrangement of a pigeon's entrails or whatever. Just so's It's For The Children and Not Racist.

The last is why I'm surprised they get away with it: "Obviously, This Is Aimed At The Immigrant Community who are less likely to have DLs" would be the MALDEF/La Raza/MEChA rallying cry.
In TX you would have been justifed to use deadly force to stop the theft if you believed that there was no other reasonable way to prevent the theft and if you believed that the owner of the property would use deadly force if he were in your situation.

I suspect that the cops would be pretty happy to shake your hand if you kept someone from stealing a gun. Stolen guns have a way of turning up in a way that makes cops' jobs harder.

Would I do it? Unless a life was in danger, I'd probably sit that one out. On the other hand you would want to keep a very close eye on the guy--you never know if he's bent on stealing a gun, or if armed robbery is his motive and he just didn't have a gun. Might have a box of ammo, or even a loaded clip in his pocket.
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