?? Trust "expert" YouTubers ??

I have been saying since YouTube came out that just because someone has a channel doesn't make them a good source of information.
I actually have enjoyed a lot of gun related content on YouTube, but this guy isn’t an expert. I’ve watched a lot from Ian At Forgotten Weapons and Rob with AKOU. Anyone can post a video, but that doesn’t make them an expert.
I recall an old definition of an 'expert"-a windy character 100 miles from home.
My observation is that the more professionally produced a video is, the more it can be trusted. Many are simply home movies, people don't know how to speak properly, mumble, swallow words, speak too softly, poor recording volume.
Among the ones I enjoy are those that cover black powder military arms with a shooter in a period military uniform.
As mentioned earlier, I can usually see thru the posers.
I watch people like Ron Spomer, Paul Harrel, Eric Cortina, X-Ring, Ryan Cleckner, among others and aware these all have credibility outside of You Tube. So I take more of what they say to heart.
Folks like Garand Thumb, Who-Tee-Who, and some others are more entertainment than education.
Then you have some like Backfire and Hickok 45 who have earned thier reputation from just plain honesty. I don't agree with some of thier opinions and preferences, but I don't have any problem recommending them to others.
Guys like the one the OP linked hopefully fade away before they further embarrass themselves, or worse.
As to the number of YouTube and internet experts:

1. Actual experts, who have gained their expertise by lots of experience, time, and learning are extremely rare.
2. Those who claim to be experts because they believe their minimal exposure to firearms related activities makes them an expert are way more common.
3. Those who don't know how to spell "expert" make up a significant share of internet posters.
4. Any guy with a beard, dark glasses, and an aggressive look about them are what I call "tactical experts." I wonder how many of these posters ever actually served as members of US Special Forces.

I have had a gun in my hands for over 50 years, been handloading metallic cartridges and shotshells for 45 years, and have shot thousands upon thousands of rounds over those years. I've learned a lot over the years; mainly that I'm not an expert at any thing.