what do you carry


  • XD

    Votes: 42 9.2%
  • GOCK

    Votes: 105 23.0%

    Votes: 75 16.4%

    Votes: 122 26.7%

    Votes: 53 11.6%

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • ANYTHING 1911

    Votes: 77 16.8%
  • NAA

    Votes: 14 3.1%

    Votes: 137 30.0%

    Votes: 17 3.7%

  • Total voters
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Honestly, I carry something different almost every day. I am accurate with all of them and enjoy changing things up as I feel like it. My carry rotation consists of 4 guns listed below in no particular order (today is the P64 IWB)

P64_2-1.gif .... G33_G19_2-1-1.gif
P64 (main summer carry gun)......................Glock 19 (I thought everyone was required to own one of these.)

Makarov_carry-1.gif .... 100_5354-1.gif
Makarov PM (Also carry a lot in summer).........Sig P225 (my favorite gun to carry & shoot)
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Some combination of Kahr K9/Seecamp 32/S&W 442 depending on the weather/dress code
I carry almost exclusively a KT-PF-9, and voted as such. However, there are times when I get nostalgic, and carry the Charter Arms Undercover that served me well as a BU/OD gun back in the eighties when I was in LE.
Prior to acquiring the Kel-Tec, I carried a Bersa Thunder. Great gun; I almost wish I had not come across the Kel-Tec, as I'd still be carrying it. The PF-9 just makes more sense once already in my arsenal, but I do sometimes switch to the Bersa just because it feels so good in the hand.
(Yes, Zombie, I looked for the Bersa in the poll, but I would have had to vote Kel-Tec anyway.)
surprised xd is not more on the list, i LOVE MINE, and IM getting a keL-tec 380 in the morning

again SORRY FOR MISSING SOME :eek:, like i said had a bad case of brain fade last night , didn't even put Taurus in the poll. and i sometimes Carrie a CIA 850 FULL TITANIUM ;)
Although I'm not a revolver enthusiast in general, for carry / self-defense I feel better with my only revolver. A DAO snubbie. Primary carry: Smith & Wesson 340 M&P, (IWB)

And since I'm a semi auto enthusiast by nature, although no 100% confident in them for single-gun CC, I still occasionally carry a Walther PPS 9mm or a CZ 75 - PCR. (also IWB) I'm a "gear head", and us gear heads just like the mechanical nature of a semi automatic weapon, even if the level of confidence in my gun is a bit lower than it is my point-and-click snubbie.

For those really hot summer days when I'm likely to be wearing only a pair of shorts, I carry an LCP in my pocket. It's not my first choice for SD, but at least it keeps me armed when I would otherwise not be carrying at all. And to be honest, even though I think the .380 round is not the ideal choice for SD, I still believe it'll serve its purpose. In this regard the criminal and I would probably both be in complete agreement - neither of us would like to take a .380 round in the chest, and both us would be in big trouble if we did.
How in the world did you decide which guns to list? Flip a coin? Draw from a hat? You list High Point and NAA but not SIG. Not surprising that the OTHER category is gathering the most votes.
main reason the naa and high point was listed is to see if anyone does trust them,

as of now naa has 1

as for sig never crossed my mind as i have not owned one shot one or even looked at buying one, for some reason I'm just not interested in a sig anything not even the new AR TYPE 22 BUT IT DOES LOOK GOOD AND I LIKE THE SWING AWAY STOCK

nothing stopping you from starting your own poll

didn't list colt, Dan Wesson , desert eagle, Jennings,charter, BROWNING and many more. tell the truth i just wanted to know about a few listed (5) and could care less on some of the other ones on the list,

most of the OTHER - post what there OTHER is
yes only care about the ones I'm interested in the others are for others amusement

looks like th keltec is doing well,,, that is good as I'm picking one up in the morning,
had a pf9 once good little gun but someone wanted it more then me so i sold it to him. found a 380 for $215 and i am set up to reload 380 so why not
Ruger LCR in my pocket (yes, in a holster). Now armed 98% of the time my pants are on! Also carry a Sig P229 .40 S&W when a jacket allows...
Depends, where I am going. Usually an auto with a wheel gun back up. Usually somthing in .45ACP and then a wheel gun in .357mag or .327fed. Also starting to really like the FN in 57.
NAA for when somethin is better than nothing
LCP when I am just workin around the house
FNP 9 when i am goin on a ride
Everyday carry is a S&W 4" 3 screw model 19
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