Who is Upsizing in Response to Recent or Past Events

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Jul 7, 2012
I ran into a post in a thread here where someone was thinking of up sizing their concealed carry piece in size and caliber in response to the recent Colorado incident. I'm wondering if anyone else is or considering it at least. Or has in the past because of a shooting or event such as this one. Personally I am not but that is only because I already believed in carrying enough gun and that any handgun is just a tool to allow you to fight back to your shotgun or rifle if things really do go bad. Simple question I guess is with your current concealed carry piece would you regret not having a different handgun or revolver on you if you were present in an active shooter situation?
Not me. Unfortunately, stuff like that comes and goes. Nothing has changed. We are unlikely to ever be in that situation. We are far more likely to need one or two shots, or perhaps none at all, to come out on top.
If its in response to the Aurora shooter, downsizing would be a better option when facing an attacker with heavy body armor.

No CCW piece will penetrate IIIA or IV armor, so you are better off with something accurate with a high capacity like a PMR-30 or a 5.7 and shooting for the eyes and face.

As for the OP, no I carry a .45, there aren't too many bigger options that are practical.
Same old Colt Officer thats been somewhere on my body for the last 40yrs. 185gr JHP's pretty much take care of what ever needs takin care of.
in response to the recent Colorado incident.
No change for me.

First, I seriously doubt a SWAT Team there to watch the movie could have stopped this guy much sooner.
Because they would at first have been filled with doubt whether it was a movie promo "Joker" hired for the movie premier, or a real Killer Clown?

Second, a gun fight would have probably killed more innocent people as they were climbing and running over you while heading for the doors while you attempted to return fire.

IMO: This was one of those deals where the outcome was pre-ordained, and there was nothing a CCW could have done to stop it, short of some kind of miracle to recognize the threat for a real one, and have been setting next to the propped open door where the Killer Clown came in.

And to have already been missed one or more times while you decided it was really real, not a movie promo stunt, and fished your gun out of your pants.

where we go, who may also show up there...life is full of variables.

im staying with a primary Sig C-3 or a p239/40.
secondary a S&W 332 or 351pd.

depends on the season and how i'm dressed.

i prep and train for that most likely to occur in my presence; and such that i may
make a difference with. my equipment may not be able to take on a 3 alarm fire but i may be able to open a path to safety for some.
Haven't changed anything. I have and will continue to carry a micro .380 or subcompact 9mm most of the time, with a full size 10mm (G20 these days) with two spare mags when going into the city, especially with family in tow.
Thought about switching to a 22 revolver.. :) .... okay, just fibbing. I'm sticking with 38spl but I am beginning to carry my Glock M23 more frequently now.
I have changed my lineup, but to more, smaller rounds. it became obvious to me that I can put a lot more energy into a target in the same period of time by trading the PM40 for a P938. No weight gain, no real size difference in the guns, just quicker and more accurate fast fire, with two bonus rounds. Still have a P238 hanging around to drop in the pocket for a back up gun or primary on a quick run to the corner store........
I'm perfectly happy with my G26 and a spare mag.

I am doing 2 things differently:

1) Practicing 2x a week (working on draw, point shooting, mag changes, etc).

2) Carrying every time I leave the house.
not really.

I have been thinking on two concepts, though:
1 - how to ID myself as a "good guy" (best so far is to help get people out of the way / down)
2 - how to get into position to get a good shot off NOT into a crowd, or at least minimizing the innocents in the line of fire
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