243 & 30-06 for all N.A Game?

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Love that stock. My .44 carbine cracked in the wrist area when I first got it, so I drilled three holes through it, and epoxied in three brass rods for pins. Held fine ever since, but I was always on the lookout for the "manlicher" (?) stock. Never have seen the "fingergroove" before, or even heard of it.
I have a Stevens 110E in 243 topped with a 4x scope. I have a Savage 110 in 30-06 topped with a 2x10 variable. 243 is my light caliber and the 06 is my heavy caliber for hunting every small, medium and big game species N. America has to offer.
Anyone agree or disagree. I am not against any other calibers as I'm sure there are varying opinions. I just have settled on these two as my favorites and go to calibers.

it varies for me as time goes by, for instance...

Many years ago it was 223/30-06

then 300blk/308

And recently its 6.5 Creedmore and 7mm Rem Mag

all great calibers just different flavor.
Hmmmm, well:

Ruger 1022 or Marlin 39A Texan for .22LR
Marlin 336S in .30-30
Ruger M77 (or equal bolt gun) in .270 Winchester (The King)

I have a CZ455 for .22lr
Boring but it shoots. Shame the 10/22 SP didn't. Did have a '67 SPC that shot well, but only around 550 of em made so a little too nice (even when not mint) to take squirrel hunting (did a few times and then sold it). My CZ wears plastic. Ruger (again) should have done a stainless w plastic fingergroove stock for the 50th anniv.

My .243 is a 700 ADL dropped in an HS stock w GreTan firing pin and shroud, steel trigger guard. I like it just fine.
Saved my modified factory Tupperware (like it a lot) for a youth .308, should one come along.
Reason why I have the M77 MKii all weather for sale.............I like 700's more.

And my .30-06.......is a pig. Heavy and ugly and funky, and the more I shoot it the more I like it :)
Steyr Pro Hunter.

Was thinking this, plus a .223 for other...........was all I needed.
But then I got the M77 and #1 and ruined my "minimum battery".

And I still don't have a thumper.
Was looking at maybe a .460 Smith #1, or .450 BM, if the .280 goes bye bye.
But then I might tear apart my .280 to have a custom .35 rem made. Heck I dunno.

Pops has a few long guns, and he doesn't hunt anymore. Dunno what he will sell or when.
Might buy a couple of those LOL.
Need another safe if I do.
If you can’t do it with one of those calibers the limitation isn’t in the caliber or the game species hunted but in the abilities of the hunter.
I'm with the 22LR suggestion. A 22LR (instead of the 243) and the 30-06 would cover it all. Up to about 40 or 50 years ago the entire battery of most hunting households consisted of a 22LR, a 30-06 (or 30-30) and a 12 (or 16) gauge shotgun.

That’s exactly the combo my grandfather had for most of his post-WWII adult life: a sporterized 03A3, a Browning semiauto .22, and an Ithaca 37 16g.

I’ve got a few more than that.
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