Door to door sales guy?

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Feb 28, 2006
So I am on the computer minutes ago reading posts here on THR, when somebody starts banging on my door. Even though its dark out, and I have no front lights on, my house if up for sale, and it might just be somebody who saw the sign and wanted to ask a question about the house. I grab my HiPower in its holster, hook it on my belt in its usual spot in the small of my back, turn on the front lights and answer the door.

Its a scruffy looking guy, who says my neighbor Chris, who lives two doors over (I don't even know any Chris on my block) told him to see me, as (AND I QUOTE) "I'm a good guy who would not shoot him or anything" and then starts what sounds like a sales pitch.

I stopped him in mid sentence, informed him that whoever Chris was, must not really know me well, pulled my pistol from its holster and held it pointed down at my side and said "I don't know and Chris, and apparently Chris doesn't know me." He looked just as I expected him to look, just like he was caught in a lie. I then informed him that if he was selling something, I, and "I'm sure my other neighbors" were not interested, especially after dark. I also informed him that if he was not selling something to "let me know now so I can call the cops"

He muttered something about magazines and hastily left my porch!

I'm not really sure if he was simply a bad sales guy, or up to no good, but Mr Browning handled the situation with tact as usual!

For me, if you are a salesperson going door to door, I would think you would
* Look clean and presentable
* Have a company shirt or other ID, especially after dark
* Not bang on doors, but use the clearly visible (and working) doorbell first
* Not make cold calls after dark

Now I can get back to reading posts!
I don't think showing him your weapon was needed .. I had a similar thing happen yesterday .. I told them "no thanks" and they walked away .. Of course I was carrying
What would have been wrong with simply saying, "I'm afraid you're mistaken. I'm not interested. Have a nice evening." and closing the door?

I can see no reason to have drawn your pistol.
Most magazine sales guys aren't the smoothest marbles around. Probably an innocuous sales call, but good job on being prepared, just in case.
Haven't seen a door-to-door salesman in years. But some of these companies are getting the high school age kids to go door-to-door.
The magazine pedlars are a rough bunch. He probably soiled his undies.

For me, if you are a salesperson going door to door, I would think you would
* Look clean and presentable
* Have a company shirt or other ID, especially after dark
* Not bang on doors, but use the clearly visible (and working) doorbell first
* Not make cold calls after dark

Nope, it just dosen't happen anymore. I used to the same thing all the time when lived near a city.
Given your situation, why not put in one of those cheap intercoms so you can talk to people without opening the door?
Where I live they could call that brandishing a weapon and you could get in some big trouble.

That is a perfect fit for brandishing under the laws of my state. The man did not threaten your life nor attempt to enter your home. You, in a gruff or unfriendly (the "victim" will undoubtedly say "hostile") manner displayed your weapon. Within 20 minutes the cops would be at your door, your firearm confiscated, you in the back of a squad car contemplating the lifetime revocation of your firearms rights. Way to go... you scared a magazine salesman. Big whoop. Hope it felt good cuz you'll never own a gun again. (at least under the laws of my state, you likely would not). And I'm not convinced that would be entirely a bad thing. Whatever happened to "No thanks, not interested, good night" SLAM. I saw no justification for a firearm to be drawn.

It's folks like this that give the rest of us RESPONSIBLE gun owners a bad name.
Plus now, A scruffy looking guy knows where you live and knows that you have a gun (At least one) there ..
I had my first salesman in years last week. I must be on a list, because i don't even get girl scouts. I'm polite until i point out the neighborhood No Soliciting sign. That used to usually get me a a"we were already in the area with a regular customer......blaah" n I become firm at that point and explain if they choose to leave the neighborhood , I wish them a nice day...otherwise, I report their presence to the S.O on their non emergency line at 533-0441. I spend a lot of evenings in my shop with the garage door open. Protection is readily available if necessary.
C'mon guys, think about it.

Scruffy guy shows up at your door at night.

Starts talking about 'not shooting' etc.

Mentions a name you've never heard of.

He's on your property. This is key.:scrutiny:

So maybe pulling the HP in plain sight might've been a bit overkill, but jail time for brandishing? Nah.

Bruss01, do you support what your state law says?

EDIT: BTW guys, he's in Arizona. Things are different out there.
First of all, I'm glad no harm came to you. Perhaps he was up to no good, and perhaps he was just a harmless wierdo, or otherwise mistaken in coming to your door.

That being said - in my opinion, drawing your pistol was not necessary. If I had been at your door, whether or not I had any ill intentions to you, I would probably have called the cops. By your own admission, the guy said/did nothing overtly threatening, so why go so far as to brandish your firearm? If it was close at hand to begin with, what need did you have to make it visible? It sounds to me, that the guy could have gone away, called the cops and reported to them that you threatened you with a pistol when he knocked on your door asking for directions, or to use the phone, etc, and you'd be faced with a visit from a few friendly officers. Nbt worth it, in my view. A simple warning to go away, and close the door. if the man had insisted, then it would have been time to escalate things a bit. But as you tell it, YOU were the aggressor, the one who escalated things.
Bruss01, do you support what your state law says?

What difference does it make if he "supports" it? If that's the law, the police can and will arrest you for it. Whether or not I "support" the the decision of the state of Maryland to all but outlaw CCW for it's citizens would certainly not prevent the local police from arresting my butt should I choose not to adhere to that decision.
He had not presented a direct threat to you. Drawing the gun was not the wisest idea.

I had a recent occurrence with a vagrant who knocked on my door asking for a coat. I was cordial, told him that he should go to the nearby church and inquire with him, and kept my pistol in my strong hand, out of sight, and hidden behind my leg the whole time.

No need for drama.
How can it be brandishing if it is on the property that you own? You should be able to do anything you want on your property as long as it isnt nudity in the front yard or aiming the gun -directly- at anyone.
You were in the wrong by drawing your weapon. No doubt, the guy was a schlep, but i see no legitimate cause for you make it visible. You were escalating the situation in doing that- he didn't do anything of a threatening nature. Did you consider telling him to get off your proeperty befopre pulling your weapon?
He opened the door and began talking to him .. He was not trespassing or causing trouble .. Thats how he could have gotten himself in trouble .. No matter if it was his property or not ..
Not the best idea to draw. Next time just say no thanks and close the door or just don't answer it which is what I do. Yelling "No thanks i'm busy" through the door has gotten everyone so far to go away.
He didnt draw ON him, he drew the gun from his holster and put it by his side, bit different then aiming it at his face.
He didnt draw ON him, he drew the gun from his holster and put it by his side, bit different then aiming it at his face.

That would be assault with a deadly weapon
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