How many of you would sell a handgun to an 18 year old?

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Feb 26, 2008
How many of you would sell a handgun to an 18 year old in a state where its legal to sell them a handgun through private deal?
I am turning 18 in a week and I am wondering if you would ever sell a handgun to an 18 year old with a clean record and a respectful attitude.
I live in Florida but I hear alot of folks saying they would never sell a handgun to an 18 year old even though its legal to do so and the said person does not have a criminal record.
I would not. The reason that I would not is because I do not want to get caught up in a legal situation that I do not want to be in.

I am not sure what age New Hampshire says you have to be to own a handgun. I know that you can get a CCW at 18, but I heard that you need to use a gun that is legally owned by somebody else. Well, THAT confuses me! And I thought that you needed to be 21 to buy handgun ammo. Maybe I am incorrect. Local police departments make you be 21 to join, but you can be a security guard (armed?) at an earlier age.
You have to be 21 to buy a handgun from a dealer.

Really, my opposition is not based on the person in question, as much as I just do not want to be bothered trying to find out how this really works in NH, or paying for a mistake.

I am currently taking an 18 year old that I work with shooting. He is going to go to college for Criminal Justice, and there are no shooters in his house. I am letting him practice with my handguns, but I will not sell him one.

I have edited this post so that my original "No" is supported by my reasons.
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I wouldnt have a problem with it if I knew the person.

Yup. Certainly wouldn't do it over the internet. Better safe than sorry for me. I figure that your parents can always gift you a pistol.
Assuming that it was legal in that area, I would not.

The reason has nothing to do with age though. The reason I buy a particular gun is because I want that gun. I've never sold a firearm, and it would take some extreme circumstances before I would even consider it. :)
How about I sell you a 4000lb car with a hot-rod motor. And then we can talk about a house with an arm loan. And maybe after that you can join the Marines. But a handgun? No way!
Depends on the 18 year old in question. Bought my first handgun off someone when I was 16 and it didn't turn out to be a mistake for me or the seller. There are many people 18 and under who are more responsible and trustworthy than lots of people 18 and older. Like I said it depends on the person and how much I trust them.
I would see it as no different from selling to a 19, 21, 26 or 30 year old. In private sales, I go case by case. If the individual seems trustworthy and is willing to provide the information I keep in my records on all private sales (Full name, address, phone, and a photocopy of valid DL, military ID or CCW showing in-state residency), I will sell to anyone who can lawfully possess. On the same note, if I get a bad vibe, I don't care if you're 18 or 80, it's a no-go.
If it was legal then yes I would, IMHO a shotgun or rifle can do just as much if not more damage than a handgun so what is the difference? (yes I know about concealability and everything but still)
I wonder how many of the "No way!" crowd had their first handgun prior to the age of 18. I know I did...
Its interesting to see the responses here.

Lets take my case for example. 19, active duty army, WA "resident", NC stationed, legal in both states to possess at 18, NO criminal record whatsoever, fingerprints and dna on federal file.

Would I EXPECT someone to sell a pistol to me if they did not know me? No, but it would still tick me off. As Scratchy said. I own a 72 Ranchero with a Mustang 5.0 in it, I handle explosives and FA weapons on the job, and can do almost everything except drink or buy a handgun from a FFL.

Do I, on an intellectual basis, agree with the laws? In a way. Would I not be cautious of selling to someone I didn't know who was underage? I'd be cautious of selling a firearm PERIOD to someone I didn't know. Handgun or long-gun, its still a weapon.

So in short, no one can make you do anything. But taking things on a case by case basis is a good way to start, as it is YOUR firearm that YOU are transferring to someone ELSE. No one's going to blame you for covering YOUR own ass as well as possible.

Would anyone put their ass on the line for a complete stranger if they were not satisfied with the details? Its a personal decision which I respect, and will continue to respect.

Carry on.
Depends on the 18yr old, would I sell my brother a pistol hell yea. I am only 21 so I still have a lot of friends in the 18-20 group. Some I would sell it to others I would not.

Now we are talking about a different situation as far as me going to a gun shop and buying one and then quickly selling it to an 18yr old. Unless you do it just right thats a straw sale.
In Colorado private firearms sales are unregulated. I would sell to an 18 year old in principal, but I don't sell my guns .

As for the concept of handing a private entity a copy of my DL / DD214/ military I.D./ CHP / ANYTHING ELSE THAT CAN BE USED TO STEAL MY IDENTITY forget it.
You can sell a handgun privately without a background check?? How am I supposed to know that the kid has a "clean record"?? I just don't think that it's a very good idea IMHO. I mean, this applies not only to 18 year-olds, but for anyone to be able to purchase a handgun privately without any background check...I'm not so sure about this.

Hey there:
Had my first handgun at 18. but then I could buy it myself. Things have changed. Your age has nothing to do with it. I bought my oldest son one at 18. He has done fine.
Good luck , Hope you find someone that can help.
Depends on the 18 year old in question.
That's my view. No offense to anyone, but I don't care what they do for a living, how much money they have, how much property they own, or any of that (well, if they have a stereotypical "I AM AN IDIOT" teenager car, I care).

I know a couple 18 year olds who I would sell a gun, and many 21+ year olds that it scares the crap out of me they can buy them on their own. Depends on the person, but if it's legal, I sell things based on a case-by-case basis; just that the younger the buyer, the more red flags I look for to determine if I should make the sale, and the better I would like to know them before selling them a firearm--same as I would a car or anything else that could potentially injure them or anyone else should they be irresponsible.
.38 Special said:
I wonder how many of the "No way!" crowd had their first handgun prior to the age of 18. I know I did...
It also depends on how long ago that was. I bought my first handgun when I was 16 from a Sporting Goods shop in Glenwood Springs (CO). But that was in 1960. By 1980 I would hesitate at 18 and now I see very few at 18, not in the military (willing to accept discipline), that should have one.

Are there exceptions? Absolutely, but not many. It all goes back to the mental maturity of the individual. In 1960 the average 18 year old had been working for several years (at least part time). They earned their money and the respect of their community. The current crop in High School (and just out) DEMAND "their rights" and respect, even when they have done nothing to earn it. It's something like the old and tired joke about lawyers - the 98% unscrupulous lawyers give the other 2% a bad name. Unfortunately it's the 98% of the kids that the laws must be built for, thus the 2% must suffer.
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