Just what the masses were crying out for- a .380 carbine!

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At least in a pistol, a .380 offers a size and weight savings compared to a 9mm.

Are we still talking Hi Point, or pistols in general? The Hi Point .380 is the exact same size as their 9mm, i.e. Boat anchor, cinder block, Volkswagen.

If pistols in general, then yes, the .380 can offer some size advantage as compared to 9mm, but with some of the micro 9mms, even that size distinction is less and less.
I've never owned or shot a Hi-Point anything, but I do know a couple of people who own one.

The guy with the .45 pistol loves it, and says Hi-Point stands behind their products. He said it was pretty accurate, not Bulls-Eye accurate, but more minute of felon.

The other guy owns the 9mm carbine, and he loves it to death. Shoots it all the time, claims no malfunctions.

I'll have to try the carbine one of these days, but not in .380.
hi point is releasing a 380 carbine....

I love my 9mm carbine but......I really can't think of a use for a 380 version.....
Higher cost for ammo so I don't really see the point. That doesn't mean it won't sell, just that it won't sell to me.
I have a 9mm and a 45 and love them both.
Less recoil than 9mm with less muzzle blast and noise. Ammunition is also lighter to carry in bulk. With today's modern ammunition, especially from a carbine, .380 is every bit as effective as 9mm with proper shot placement.

The only downside is ammo cost, which isn't a factor if you reload.
My HP 9mm has virtually zero recoil so I don't think that would be much of a factor. Having never fired a 380 carbine I wouldn't know for sure.
As far as reloading I can reload 380 for about the same as 9mm but it is a harder action because of the size. I did some 380 but don't shoot it enough anymore to justify the reloading. I keep some components on hand just in case things get stupid...again. They will.
I wish they'd man up and do
1) double stack
2) different calibers than 380, 9, 40 and 45

For example, why not instead release a 357 Sig carbine? Or a 460 Rowland carbine?
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