To list or not to list your guns in your signature?

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The government already knows I have guns and where I live, criminals don't know where I live but do know that I don't feel bad about shooting home invaders, and it doesn't bother me to see what other people are blessed with. I don't have mine in my sig because I feel they are nothing to write home about. I do wish that StyerAUG would publish a complete list though:D
Having been on the Internet for over 20 years, since back in the days when discourse on the 'net was open and relatively sophisticated and generally limited to academic types, and having been involved with many public discussion groups dealing with expensive gear of one sort or another, I tend to worry about this somewhat (with guns more than other things). The thing is, I'm involved with activities that require public availability of my personal information, so I'm probably a bit more vulnerable than some others out there to attack.

So, in my .sig, I don't talk about the guns I own, and I avoid mentioning them in posts as well. I prefer to refer to guns or gun topics that I like to help connect with like-minded folks.

This may change in the future. I'm beginning to seriously think about erasing as much of my Internet history as possible. Being a technology consultant, I can tell you that there are a number of aspects of technology that I frankly find quite disturbing, such as the potential for the abuse of privacy.
Hey! JWarren inspired part of my signature. The rest of it is as simple as I can describe ME. The clear-text version requires at LEAST two cases of beer!;)

No, I can't list my inventory in the signature as it would consume most of a screen.:scrutiny::D
I don't mind seeing other peoples lists....

What I do mind is someone who has 3 or 4 guns, lists them, and considers their collection impressive.

I won't list mine, mostly because of the time it would take and ther space it would take up. I will say I reload for "over 20" different cartridges.
I don't see anything wrong with it.

Win 63
Marlin 336
1903 Springfield
30mm Gatling with A10 attachment
Nuclear Submarine
Minuteman ICBM
Customized B52
I do list my carry gun but not all my guns. But then again half of my posts include the line "Buy an M&P" it should not surprise anyone I own one.
I use it because I like to talk about my guns. When/if someone has a question and PM's me about what I own, its good conversation. On top of that I use it strictly to simplify things, I mean I can chat about related firearm stuff, particularily about one of the items I own and I don't have to mention that I have it, or what exactly it is. People will look at the signature and realize that I'm an owner etc.
Small points yes, but its hardly an 'advertising' or 'show-off' factor. I'll tell you all right now, in fact I don't need to, but there are people on here with thousands of guns, hundreds and many with more impressive firearms than me.
I'm not worried about listing what guns I own... But I wouldn't put them in my sig because it would take up too much room.
List your guns in your signature ONLY if you want other members to dislike you as it makes meaningful searches very difficult.
List your guns in your signature ONLY if you want other members to dislike you as it makes meaningful searches very difficult.

Huh? Most bulletin boards don't count the signature in the search tool. I am pretty sure that vBulletin does that also.

Anyways I never understood the point either way, I guess I see it more as a show off idea, the only gun forum I list my a gun is on a silencer forum, and I think I will probably remove that.

Also I never understood the worry about serial numbers either, unless you purchased it used without a proof of purchase, there is nothing that they can do with the serial number. My Walther has serial number FAE1808, what can someone do with that?

I purchased it new from a FFL, I imagine that if you are from the ATF you could track it down to my dealer, and have my old address, and then pick up my current address from a FDLE database, but they can already do that since I own tax stamped items, in fact they have it one better they have my current address on file.
Well, I don't really set out to read signatures, but if they're clever they might catch my eye. Unless there's some interesting context, or I'm scanning a product catalog, lists of guns at the end of posts are just space I have to scroll past.
It's not really interesting to most people to tell them what you own, what everyone wants is the range report. I've had a .50 Desert Eagle sitting unfired in my safe for 12 years, and I've just stolen precious seconds of your life in telling you that. What have you gained from it? Are you annoyed? I would be, which is why I rarely tell people that particular anecdote. My story about what happens if you shoot a porcupine with a .30-30 from ten feet away is much more entertaining.
I don't list my guns in my sig because

a) it's not hard at all to track my IP, and I'm not posting a burglar catalog.

b) I hate it when sigs are longer than the average post.

c) If I publicly admitted to owning as many milsurps as I do, I might have to expect the ATF for tea and biscuits.
Nope, don't list, it's kind of tacky, IMO. It's like the 'you are what you drive' vibe you get from some car/bike sites. I'd like to think I'm a bit more than that and life ain't that simple.

I certainly don't mind sharing my experience with guns I own or have owned, and I appreciate the same from others when I'm curious or in the market for something new & different, that's a large part of what I enjoy here, but, like, whatever.:cool:
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