What's on your bucket list for 2014?

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Mine are pretty simple:

Join a range (payment goes out tomorrow)
Buy an optic for my AR (trip planned for Saturday)
Shoot more often (1/20 already set side for 1st range trip)
Take a carbine class (checking local schedules)
I'm going to actively seek a few "grail" guns,,,

I'm going to actively seek a few "grail" guns,,,
I have all of the more common models I have ever wanted.

First will be the never-ending search for a S&W Model 45 K-frame .22 revolver,,,
I know I'll have to fork over a ton of cash for it if I find one,,,
But the heart wants what the heart wants,,,
I'll find the money somewhere.

Second will be finding an original Whitney Wolverine,,,
I finally got to fire one of the new reproductions,,,
I wasn't impressed by it even a little bit.

A neighbor had one of the originals when I was a kid,,,
He once let me fire it and I've loved it ever since,,,
So I'm in search mode for one to make my own.

Third up is to find a pristine Savage 1907 or 1915 in .32 or .380,,,
I don't quite understand why but for some reason I really like the style of this gun.

I want one!

I'm sure I'll stumble on other guns that I'll have to own,,,
But these three are on my really-wanna-get-one list.


S&W Model 66,2.5" barrel. Should of bought it years ago.

I sold my my AR 15 a few years ago so I could buy a Weatherby 243 for pronghorn/varmint hunting. I think I want to renew the old affair with a Sig M400 when the money is right. Also, every year I try to take a good pistol training class with a Nationally known trainer, which usually involves travel and a few vacation days. I'm leaning toward a class with Marty Hayes at Firearms Academy of Seattle this spring so I may have to put of the Ar a bit longer.
Ah, priorities, priorities. :confused:
1. Make it through the rest of high school. Being 18, having a job, and already being accepted at a college, and doing all 10th and 11th grade classes because I already did the senior ones makes school, very, well.... why???

2. Stock up on 5.56 ammo and shoot Rifleman at an Appleseed with my AR. Shot a bolt action .308 there earlier this year and I'm very hungry to get that patch!

3. Make hits with my AR past 300 yards, no bench or bipod. Maybe out to 4 or 500. That's what I did with my .308 and the guy's AR that I shot that convinced me to buy one, so I want to do it with my AR too.

4. Spend less money on little stuff, parts, accessories, knives, and roller coasters. Save up more money, while reasonably building up ammo.

5. Get ready for, and make the most of college!
My situation is similar to pockets. I've accumulated firearms and ammo over the years. So there is only one thing right now on my 2014 list. I want to see the new Remington R51 pistol when it comes out.
I also have a list. It is mostly a 'to do" of work several guns need. There are several mil-surp guns that NEED attention. One old .22 that has a broken part. A revolver that I want to make a set of grips for. I need holsters for four guns and I have three knives to put together.

I should log off and GET TO WORK! :D


today is ...1-13-14. I have an addition to my post. When it is delivered...I will have an AR15 to work on. Install parts into my stripped lower and get it running! I just ordered it so it'll be a while.

already getting "antsey"
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Acquiring more guns is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Like you accessories are the most needed and most easily overlooked part (and cost) of owning guns. Now you got me thinking about what guns need holsters and to redo the bucket list...again.
An AR-15 upper in .458 SOCOM... but not one of the screwy ones with FTF/FTE issues made by a well-known maker so please don't try sell me one of those.:D
Sako 85 Greywolf -- 300 win mag

With a Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15x42mm scope

That's the big one this year. The other a Marlin Guide Gun in 45/70.
Get a pet Fennec fox.


Get into black powder revolver shooting, starting with a Remington Model 1858 single-action .44 caliber percussion revolver. Also mastering my Ruger GP-100 .357 magnum caliber double-action centerfire revolver, especially with full-power mag loads.
I hate to admit it but I have at least one of everything I ever wanted so I bought myself an "adult" air rifle. I guess it's all down hill from here, Depends are next...
Things I really kinda sorta need:

Aimpoint for the AR
More ammo

Things I want but won't kill me if I never get them:
A revolver--with the new Ruger and S&W offerings coming out has got me thinking
.243 bolt action
Another 10/22 to play with
Buy a stainless Sig 230/232. Retirement is a primary reason for recently buying three guns (plus a trade) since Aug 30th, and ammo.

The second motivation regards prices during and after our Next unanticipated gun/ammo panic. Vast herds of people will still expect advance notice of the approx. timing.

Go on another whitewater raft float with my wonderful wife:) on east TN's Ocoee river.
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Since I think the current ammunition shortage is caused by politics I think it is possible to anticipate shortages.

By early Fall of this year we should have a pretty good idea whether the Democrats will win control of the House along with keeping the Senate. If they do so the American Caesar will likely push for strict gun control laws.

The next big crisis will be the 2016 Presidental elections. If the Republicans repeat with the same type of candidates in 2008 & 2012 either way gun owners are screwed. Worse yet for both parties is the number of Independent voters and continuing worsing economy.

For now though there is no possibility of new gun control laws being passed on the Federal level.

p.s. Go for the whitewater rafting trip before the unexpected happens. I have waited to long and alas am waiting on the call from St. Peter.
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I have tried to buy something for my shop every year since I built it. This years "work toy" will be an Air Chisel. I'm thinking that it will work well for splitting the soft lead phone company splice covers that I get for casting. A few other things in no certain order;

A couple more Jewell Triggers
Another Krieger Barrel ( MTU contour .224, 1-9 twist)
A suppressor
Another scope ( NF 5.5-22 x 56 )
Been looking at a Remington 700 in 300 AAC ( who knows? )
Brass and dies for the 300 AAC
A scope for the AAC ( NF 2.5-10 )
Master Caster 40# bottom pour lead pot

Probably won't get all of this, but plan to whittle away at it. If the 700 does not happen, the list will be more doable. Lightman
I used to make personal lists all the time. I kept track of every penny I spent for years. The problem is and was that it didn't make any difference at all other than to remind me of what I need to do or what I want to acquire for whatever reason.

I want to do more shooting this year.
I want to get into reloading beyond something I do every couple of months.
I want to mount the scopes I have already purchased on firearms and actually shoot them.
I want to buy scopes for the guns I plan on mounting a scope on.
I'd like to buy a higher grade 22 Mag rifle; probably a CZ.
I want to do more fishing and get the kayak wet a bit more often.
A list.

Well here it is

1. Have installed a select match grade shilen barrel for my 300winmag

2. More ammo, bullets,powder,primers and reloading supplies and maybe another press.

3. A BT100

4. Uberti Buntline target revolvers in both 45LC and 357 with 18 inch barrel

6. Upgrade the G20 to a 6inch barrel with comp and custom cut slide, c-more site and 6 more mags.

7. 6 mags for the RIA 10mm

8. A S&W Model 57

9. Kimber 10mm plus 6 additional mags

10. Colt Delta Elite 10mm plus 6 additional mags.

Maybe this should be a 5 year plan instead.

Oh I forgot to add a grail gun to the list. A Marlin lever action in 41mag.
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