What have you done in the reloading room today

I was going to get some 45acp brass ready to reload. I bought a used set of RCBS 45acp dies. Opened them up and the resizing die was missing the stem. So a quick call to RCBS and a new stem is on the way.
So I switched gears and am working on resizing 200 pieces of 44mag.
I have two Hornady Single-stage Lock n Load presses mounted right next to each other. I resize, take the case out of press one and incert it into press two and flare it.

Then I prime them at the kitchen table with a Lee Bench Prime ( love it).

Later or tomorrow I'll charge the cases one at a time, seat the bullet in press one,
Remove it and incert into press two to crimp it and done.

I need to get going on the 45acp when the stem arrives and get some 223 loaded up.

Plus order stuff for 300 blackout.
I have two lowers coming next week. I have a complete 300 blackout upper waiting for a nest to sit in. I hate switching things around.
I have plenty of 300 blackout brag.

I do all of my depriming on the Frankford Arsenal Hand Deprimer tool.
Love them, no carbon mess on my press.
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Fired up the pot and spent a few hours making boolits. One at a time is painfully slow, but it was a mould I got in trade and happy to have it over nothing for sure. I really like this bullet over 6.8 grains of Silhouette in a 38 case. Not magnum but not 38 either. Standard pistol primers work great and that leaves the 550s for other projects....I also have a good blue dot load but it does take 550s and it doesn't bring much more to the table.... 20240228_172547.jpg
Walkalong, whats the line around those Dasher cases for? Thanks.
I mark them so I can identify them laying on the ground or when someone else picks them up for whoever was shooting to save time.

I also put a mark on the case head, and use that to show how many times fired they are as well as help identify them.
Primed the cases after work.
11. Priming Dasher Cases Pic 2.JPG

Some other already prepped cases and three rounds left over from the last match. Shows how I mark them, whether fired and in a box, pan
/whatever, loaded and in an ammo box, etc. Always have a sticky note with them. My Lapua 6BR cases I fire formed are at 7/8 times fired.

I forgot to put the line on the 3X sticky on the middle block. Sigh, but the cases do have a line, like the other 3X fired cases.
12. Previously Prepped Cases & 3 Rounds Left From a Prior Match.JPG
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Finished sizing and checking the pile of cast bullets I made the other day.
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Roughly 550+ pieces. At a rate of 3 per minute, that's still over 3 hours to size and check this batch of bullets.

I culled 34 pieces, mostly for bad bases, although a few cold pours. This is only the second time I've used the Accurate mould, I'll get better with it as I learn how it acts.

Next comes weight sorting into 1 grain batches. These bullets will be around 187 grains, a 1-grain batch will be about 1/2 of 1% weight variation.

After that comes lubing. By the time I load these bullets, I will have handled (fondled?) each and every individual bullet at least 5 times as I go through the processing.

All you fellas that think casting and loading your own cast bullets is cheap, just keep in mind that we casters are trading time instead of money for projectiles.
Cuz it’s fun , enjoyable and rewarding that is why we all do what we do .
Finally figured out my folly of loading 20 - 460 S&W.

View attachment 1196920

Checking my records shows I have made 1060 rounds before these with no problems.

I will have to put a note in the die box so the next idiot (me) won't make the same mistake....
Are those Barnes XPB?
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Broke down 50 45acp cartridges with Acme 230gr .452" RN. Hammer method. Such fun. I'm finally nearing completion fixing a long ago loading mistake I've discussed before--trusting a gauge and one barrel vs. all possible barrels.

To prepare, for most I reseated a little just to break loose. Don't really know if it works, but for many, probably most, of the 50 two whacks were still needed.

A goodly number also required just one whack, but not claiming a correlation of number of whacks to reseated or not reseated cases.

Anyhow, after I breakdown, I save powder for reuse, then resize the bullets to .451", resize cases w/o pin, then finally re-expand cases for reloading.

(Someday I'll also reveal despite using one or more foam earplugs in hammer, most bullets are somewhat marred due to bouncing back and hitting the now empty case. Yes I know I'm doing something wrong and have been forever.

I started loading 10mm this morning. This is my first time loading 10mm. I am using my Dillon 750 with a Mighty Armory sizing die, Dillon Seating Die, and Lee Crimp Die. I did resize my new brass on my MEC Marksman press before loading on my Dillon. I did that procedure to evaluate my new MA Sizing Die.


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Mostly just piddling.

I broke down a nearly full quart cup of range pick-up duds/loaded ammo this morning. The bullets went into the coffee can of scrap bullets that will eventually get melted, the powder went into the jar of scrap powder that will be use in this Falls Annual Deer Camp Light Show, the primers went into the trash can and most of the brass went into the scrap brass bucket. Just piddling..............!