What is the Better All Around Handgun?

Which for All Purpose Usage?

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  • PPS

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Jun 25, 2008
So it's between the Browning Hi Power and the Walther PPS. They will be about the same price after I have purchased all the magazines and holster I need/want. So what one makes for a better general handgun? I like both of them and I want it to cover home defense, fun/target, back-up to a rifle, and concealed carry, at least for up to one year. What's your take? My only other handgun at the moment is a Browning Buckmark.

I like both these guns and they are on my "list" to get eventually. That's why it's such an odd comparison. The question really is which one first?
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PPS is not a range/plinking gun. With the BHP, you can do anything. PPS is excellent for carry, but that's it IMO.
I swear, you people make the strangest comparisons...

"Hey guys, what should I get, Solothurn or NAA Mini revolver?"
yes, that is an odd comparison, but I guess if that your option in front of you then I'd take a classic steel pistol like the HP any day.
PPS is a lightweight carry gun
BHP is a full size combat sidearm

Neither gun is a good "all around" gun. I'd imagine most people don't want to daily carry something as big/heavy as a BHP, and for a combat sidearm 6-8 rounds of 9mm isn't going to cut it for most either
As has been mildly stated. Apples and Oranges.

Between the 2 the BHP is a wonderful choice. It is a wonderful choice against a whole bunch of guns.

And I do feel it is a great "all around" gun...
Curious, is this basically you asking us which you should get based on which can do everything better? If so, please don't limit yourself like that. It's much less of a headache to buy several guns to do different jobs than to try and find one gun to do everything. Ask me how I know...
I'm not sure, as Strahley implies, that there really is any such critter as an all around gun.
Some may come close: For carry guns, ones that conceal well and can be carried all day everyday, my experience, and it's only mine, are the Glock 19 (9mm, 15+1); the Kimber Ultra Carry II (45ACP, 7+1), and the Smith&Wesson Chiefs Special Model 36 (38 Special, 5+0). All carry well. The Glock's the largest but has the greatest capacity; the Kimber is the narrowest and 45ACP has the greatest kinetic energy; the S&W conceals best, but with only 5 rounds you need to practice, practice, practice, because shot placement matters.

For concealed carry I don't think I'd carry either of the guns being considered by the OP.
I enjoy shooting my PPS casually, but the real answer is that there is no such thing as an all-around handgun.
Every handgun is a compromise, every one has things it is good for and things it isn't so good for. Then you add in ergonomics, making some handguns good for you and some not so good for you.

How many "what handgun to buy" threads is this now, anyway? Work some OT or sell something and get them all, then post up reviews.
The POTABARUCO 9/45 special just pick one from any of those makers or others. Then practice.
Then there's the Stoeger Cougar 8000 (9mm) that I'm currently researching. Has an actual safety. Might have to replace my Glock 19 which doesn't. Unless you consider the "safe action trigger" a safety. Both pistols are about the same size. I'm thinking...
What's better; a German Shepherd or an iPod?

You laugh. In my high-school debate team, we'd practice up (and have fun) by the coach giving us random things like that. I think my favorite random debate ever was 'Lasagne v. Escalator'!

I'm going to be the odd man out here, and say that I can see the legitimate argument for the PPS.

Carry- the PPS wins by a lot. But the HiPower is still doable.
Bedside- Hi-Power wins by a bit. But the PPS is still very doable.

I know I'm going to get flamed for saying that the Hi-Power wins by only a bit for HD. Here's why. Realistically, any home owner who comes out shooting at an intruder is going to scare him off. So even if all you had was a Ruger LCP, the greatest probability is that you'll have the same outcome as you would with a Glock 22. (I still have a full sized M&P on my nightstand because I want every advantage. But if all I had was my S&W 642, I'd probably have the same result in 99% of home invasion situations.)

On the other hand, as far as carry goes, the Hi-Power is significantly heavier and larger. That actually WILL make a difference to the gun owner.

All that being said, I'd still go for the Hi-Power. but I can certainly see a good argument for the PPS.
I'd again say how much I love the BHP, but after the last bit of praise some members began to think I was writing an erotic novel about BHP's. And my momma didn't raise no dirty boy.
I'm actually going to change my mind and go in favor of the PPS.

Here's why. The Hi_power has a decisive advantage in a gun fight. That's a given.

BUT, this is an all around handgun. that means a gun that will have the most advantages in the most common uses.

There is very little chance you'll ever need to draw that gun. In the 1% chance you do need it, there is over a 90% chance that merely drawing the gun will end the encounter right there without a single shot fired, no matter what gun it is.
That means that in only a very small fraction of a percentage, would you ever need the advantages that a BHP would have.

On the other hand, if you are carrying, there is a 100% chance that you'll benefit from the size/weight reduction of the PPS as compared to the BHP.

So for a combat gun, the BHP wins by miles, but for an all around gun, I'd go with the PPS.
I'm not going to opine on which of the BHP or PPS is best "all-around".

I will say for me, a BHP and a PPS are polar opposites in my shooting-preference for 9's. I love my BHP, but wouldn't choose it for carry it for a variety of reasons. I don't own a PPS but have shot one a number of times. I suppose I'd concealed-carry it before I'd carry a BHP, but I really dislike shooting a PPS. It just doesn't play well with the shape of my hand or something. ...So... shoot before you buy.

So it's between the Browning Hi Power and the Walther PPS. They will be about the same price

This one has me flummoxed. Either you are overpaying for the Walther or getting a screaming deal on the BHP. The PPS should be about $300 under the BHP.

Frankly, I know it's foolish, but I can't get past the looks of the PPS. 'One man's fish is another man's poisson' I guess.
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actually, neither. Definately the Walther isnt one to feel solid over. If your gonna settle on a 9mm then just get a Glock. If you want the best a P7.
The Walther is a good carry gun, and a surprisingly enjoyable shooter, but it isn't an all-around gun. The Hi-Power is fun gun to shoot, good for HD and carry-able with some consideration for carrying a large-frame handgun. My vote goes to the BHP for your application.
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