642 Club Part Three

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I'm enjoy soon to be a year with my 442. Picked it up at my FFL's house Christmas day 2014.Had bought a set of ergo grips I love them ugly as hell but comfortable. Also bought myself Aholster kydex pocket holster. The best. DeSantis too bulky sticky holster no good either. Love my little pocket pal.
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I was in my lgs, just taking a look to see if anything new came in. Over hearing the conversation between the guy behind the counter. The patron (if that's what I want call him) a guy that's in there a few times a week a never buys nothing. Their conversation/debate was over pocket carry and or pocket holsters, patron was saying the rubber grips stick to his pocket on a draw. Gun shop guy behind counter was talking about different holsters. So I chimed in with my $0.02 . So I asked the guy that worked in the store if I could show him my pistol, of course he said sure why not . Reached in my right front pocket of my Levis and pulled out my gorgeous s&w 442, un loaded the moon clip from it handed over to the gentle man. He took a gander and said so?, reached back in the same pocket pulled my Aholster kydex pocket holster. I turned to patron with gun in it's holster asked put in your pocket and show me how the rubber gets hung up? He did and drew the pistol several times and looks at me with a stupid look on his face. So I say to him unless you have the hands of a 6 year old girl, I could see it being possible. So you experts with the experience enlighten me and tell me how , when you have a full grip on your pistol in your pocket that any rubber gets caught . I've practiced my draw over 1000 times and still not one hang up? But who am I? I just joined the other day.
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So you experts with the experience enlighten me and tell me how , when you have a full grip on your pistol in your pocket that any rubber gets caught . I've practiced my draw over 1000 times and still not one hang up? But who am I? I just joined the other day.

I have the full-sized rubber Crimson Trace three-finger grip on my 638. I have no trouble drawing from a Sticky® brand holster in my pocket whatsoever.
Neither do I, the sticky holster is too thick and chunky as well as the DeSantis, when they're in your pocket with gun looks like a ball of socks or what have you. My point to what I was saying the customer in the gun shop says the rubber grip gets caught on the draw . How? I ask when you have a full grip? Check out the aholster pocket kydex trust me you'll never use your sticky again.
Well it looks like all I can do here is lurk, my recently acquired 2" snubby is not a 642.
It is a E.A.A. .38 spl. 6 round, Windicator. I've been looking for a 2" .38 for a while
without any luck, but I did come across the E.A.A. Windicator on gun broker, it was too
much of a good deal to pass on. $269.00 otd, no shipping,no credit card fee, and no
tax. It turned out to exceed my expectations, it has an excellent ,deep blue finish
great rubber grips that fit my large hands perfectly , a great trigger, light and crisp
in both single and double action. It will fit in very well with my S&W ,22 mag and my
Ruger Security 6 .357. I'll be hanging around ,all snubbys are interesting.

.......................... Jack
I just received my 442 back from Smith and Wesson after sending it back to have the windage adjusted. It was shooting slightly to the left with every bullet weight and velocity I tried. Very impressive customer service! It was shipped back to me within a week of them receiving it, with the problem resolved! Strange part is, they replaced the cylinder also, can't figure out why.....
I use the bright orange nail polish my daughter foolishly left in the living room! Works great too! Have used it on dozens of guns!
Does anyone here have a good estimate of current average prices for used 642?

I was told a figure yesterday by a gun shop owner that seemed low compared to what I saw on sites like Gunbroker. But I haven't checked there recently, and it's sometimes a bit challenging for me to make sense of what's there for some reason -- the prices sometime seem all over the map.
So I put the Apex tactical j frame spring kit installed on my s&w442 . I used an rcbs trigger pull gauge . It went from a very heavy 12.5 lbs pull to a nice 9.0lbs of pull. So nice, smooth rebound and cylinder cycle. I bought the Rebound spring tool from gunsmithers.Com thing was just as much as all the others. It also includes a tool on the other end to help place the rebound spring and slide back in with much ease. Worth it. I had already put about 270 or so rounds through it. Pulled the trigger watching t.v. with snap caps in it a.few thousand times. It still had a 12.5 lbs pull. Don't get me worng it very much smooth after all that trigger time but rebound was just gritty and had a stutter like reset. Apex tactical spring kit took care of all of that. Now just need me some CT 405 laser grips and I'm good. My good friend is still messing with his wolf sprin kit trying to find the right combination of springs for that perfect pull he keeps talking about. He felt mine and asked what smith I took it to, no just me and a kit from apex tactical. He order one right there off his phone,
I know it's been a long time since this thread's had life, and I'm hoping some of the wise and old time contributors are still around with their 642's. Anyone asking for a 642 or any goodies for their 642 for Christmas? I took mine out of the safe the other day and slipped it into my pocket when I took the dog for a walk. It was nice to be reminded how easy it carries as it's been a while since it's been outside the house.

I'll be wearing mine when I take my wife out Sunday afternoon to a musical and dinner in downtown Seattle. With that in mind, it may be time for me to get another Mika holster for it since the one I have is about 7 years old. Truly one of the best guns in my safe, and I do need to give it more love.
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Don`t have a 642 S&W, but I do have a SS 357 Mag 640-1 S&W. I don`t guess they are very popular because I hardly ever see one of them at the range being fired or for sale at a LGS. I have had it for several years and I carry and shoot it a lot. I carry it mostly in a Belly Band Holster, Fobus Holster, or just in a Pocket Holster in my pants or jacket pockets. I really like and enjoy shooting, this little gun. I always take this gun to the range with me, and try to shoot 20 or 30 rounds each time. To keep my proficiency level up to what I think is exceptable. My 640-1 is very accurate and I feel very secure carrying it for a CC SD gun. I put a Crimson Trace Laser Sight on my gun and I think that just made it even better.
I replaced the Hogue grip with the really ugly, but highly functional Delta Ergo grip. It really lessens the recoil and lets me hold the gun properly for better accuracy.
i got one about a month ago and love it. I put on a set of Clip Grips, and it disappears IWB. I do enjoy a good snub .38. Took me forever to figure out how to shoot them well, but they are easy to carry and potent medicine.
I have Two 442s, a 36 and a 37. Recently I got in a trade a no lock 642. This gun is like new in the box. The guy I got it from shot 20 rounds through it. Would $375. Be a good selling price? The date on the fired shell envelope is 2014
I carried mine today to coffee, and then to work, and man, it felt good to have ol' faithful with me. I have simple Hogue Bantam grips on it, and it fits my hand so much better than the original boot grips. I've traded and sold various ones over the years, only to come back around and get another. The one I have no is a 642-1 no lock, and it's not going anywhere.

Thanks for the contributions to this post! I love that it's alive again!
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