Does an interest in firearms lead to paranoia?

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PlayboyPenguin said: he simply tried to create a situation where he could spew his belief without it seeming negative. . . . . Whenever someone who would not usually be considered a gun owner comes into the fold they are quickly offended by some small minded bigot and decide to distance themselves.

PP. Chill.

I detected no insult. You DECIDED to become offended.

He made the point in reference about how people with agendas use terms to marginalize other groups of people. If you have read more into it than that, its your fault, not his.
With knowledge comes fear. Most of us know how dangerous the world is and that it is not a nice place, therefore we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The fact that we are not ignorantly blissful just meandering through life like the sheep is what some would care paranoid, I call it being enlightened.
No bullfrog, he included his own beliefs in the comment. if he had stated it like you did there would be no problem. he chose to use it as an excuse to stae his negative opinions.
I'm not sure I'm buying your story: your language is rife with value-laden phrases that have something of a sarcastic overtone.
No paranoia there. :p

Playboy, you're sounding a little paranoid about "homophobes." Don't be so prickly. If you hadn't said anything, the comment would have passed and been barely noticed. It sounds like you just can't stand that some people don't agree with your point of view or sex life.
Owning guns gives you more of a stake in politics than owning a Cuisinart. The more attention you pay to politics, the more likely you are to see the political angle to things, and wonder what your political enemies are up to. That's why Rush Limbaugh reads odd news stories that have little to do with politics, and then blames liberals for whatever odd thing is happening "out there."
Ok Mr Penguin guy,

I didn't say anything about my personal beliefs, just how I feel people misuse psychological terms (seriously, I didn't mean anything). By that I mean, I don't think anyone here has any real psychological problems that require professional help. I think sometimes we can be a little overwhelmed by the increased awareness of carrying a firearm, but that doesn't mean we are truly mentally ill.

But then you implied that I was:
"..some small minded bigot..."

Please don't call me names Mr Penguin, it's just silly.
No, owning and enjoying firearms does not lead to paranoia any more than owning and enjoying firearms makes you into a homicidal maniac. As long as your interest in firearms doesn't interfere with your life and relationships, and guns and the 2nd Amendment don't occupy your every thought, then you're fine.
Eleven Mike:

I'm not sure I'm buying your story: your language is rife with value-laden phrases that have something of a sarcastic overtone.
No paranoia there. :p
Nice catch!

I thought I got away with it...:banghead: You actually could have used my entire response, not to one up you or anything :neener:

However, have we heard from the thread's owner? Hmmm, there may be something to this paranoia bit afterall...maybe she / he was one of THEM :eek: !

i dont know you sound allright to me,it sounds to me that your just aware that the goverment is out to strip us of our guns and all gun rights,and leave us hunting with sticks again or bb guns like they do in england.but let me tell ya if they ever come looking for my guns they are gonna be like :what: when they find me holding one on em telling em to you dont sound paranoid to me friend just aware.
in the words of Clint Smith,

"If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That’s ridiculous.
If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid about?"

You’re only paranoid until something happens; then, you are prepared.

Paranoid ? I like to think of it of being extra-cautious. BTW, to those who say the gov't will never take your guns ? 2005: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA.
However, have we heard from the thread's owner? Hmmm, there may be something to this paranoia bit afterall...maybe she / he was one of THEM !

No, I am here. Unfortunately, where I work, I can read this website, but I am too paranoid to post. :uhoh:

I just got back from the range and gunshop... I read all the comments and spent some time deep in thought. I still think I'm paranoid, but not because of guns in particular. I think the paranoia really stems from the more I get interested in firearms and particularly those laws relating to firearms that I really do think this is a right I'm going to lose in my lifetime. I do have other hobbies or course, but I don't get paranoid about losing them... when they restrict or outlaw exercise then I'll REALLY be paranoid, but that seems pretty farfetched.

Reading this forum doesn't help. It seems like it's almost ingrained in me to jump all over the authorities for mishandling situations than to side with their judgement that they were dealing with a dangerous situation and mistakes will be made. There just isn't much GOOD news on here... it's always that the "sky is falling" and yes, it does influence my thinking.

BTW... I hope I'm a part of the fold and not a nutjob. While I was at the gunshop I picked up an S&W 642 and some Winchester SXT 130gr +P's. Nothing wrong with having a backup/easy carrying pistol. Self preservation is not necessarily paranoid.. right? It fills a role... it wasn't just an impulse buy... sometimes strapping on the .45 to go get gas isn't really feasible.

I appreciate everyones responses... makes me feel a bit better.
From the time I bought my first firearm, I found some relatives feel they have leave to insult me, some friends no longer are my friends, my wife demoted herself to EX-wife, and I found that there are millions of people out there who hate me, sight unseen and would love to have me sent to prison.

But paranoid? no. I'm cautious, prepared, practicing, observant.... and kinda ticked off.

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