What kind of handgun do you think would sell well?

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I'm dying to buy a Colt 1911 in .38 Super Automatic. Just can't come up with the cash.
Another gun I would like to have is a Colt Python. Could have had one for $125 back
in the day. Now You would be adding zero's to that price.

Been done. Didn't sell. Got discontinued. The .327 is one of those cartridges destined for obscurity, sort of like the .41 Magnum. Nice little hot-rod .32, but that isn't what many folks want these days.

The problem was the package, not the caliber. A heavy, large revolver needs a large chambering to make it worthwhile. OTOH, the SP101 is back chambered in .327, along with the Single Seven and the LCR. What the cartridge can do that no one has tried is make a high capacity revolver. A 10 round cylinder can be made less than 2" in diameter. The .327 has easily enough power for self defense.
I wonder how the LCR and SP101's in .327 are selling for Ruger, actually. I too thought the .327 was absolutely dead.

but Ruger released new guns for it in the last year. Maybe the two prong approach of a light SD LCR and the more "kit gun" 4.2" SP101 is the marketing strategy that finally turns some heads.

Actually, I bought a new SP101 in .327 for the purposes of a kit gun/trail defense, and I liked it so much that if I hadn't stumbled into the criminally underappreciated 9mm LCR, I probably would have picked up a .327 LCR to go with it. The little .32 family really won me over.

I've only seen .327 in stock at one local sporting good store that caters more to the shooting crowd. Even at that, it was only 20 round boxes at $30. Every other .32 was available at least.

I dunno if .327 is going to end up like the .41 magnum. I have never actually seen .41 magnum on the shelf. I think it might be more like .44 special, only instead of the magnum round being more popular the .327 is drown out by the weaker cartridges of .32.

Still, it's a fun little round. A .327 makes for a great trail defense gun if you aren't trying to hunt bear with it. I keep a pocketful of .32 S&W wadcutters as well. It would make for a fine harvesting gun without blasting a squirell apart like a .38 might.

Reload it, it becomes a very versatile gun. I have loads from 150ft/lbs to 500 ft/lbs. I'm enjoying pushing a polymer coated 98gr wadcutter over 1400fps without leading.
I think a C-96 clone in .22 would sell like crazy. Esp. if you make a 'Star Wars' customizing kit option.
Vern Humphrey you make me wish THR had a like button. You left out the 20 round capacity.

THR does have a like button now.

That break open 357 would win more fans if you could slide off the empty cylinder and replace it with a full one, like swapping magazines in an auto.
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