One Pistol, One Rifle, One Shotgun

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Dec 8, 2006
President Hillary just signed a law limiting each household to only one firearm of each type. :what:What are your choices followed by a brief explanation why. Remember, this is all about compromises with the goal of maximum versatility in a doomsday scenario since no one in their right mind would ever limit themselves to one of each. :) For me and subject to change:

Pistol. Glock 26. Great for CC and can accept larger magazines.

Rifle. Alexander Arms AR 15 in 6.5 Grendel. Would work for self defense as well as most big game hunting. This is next on my shopping list. :)

Shotgun. Winchester SX3. My favorite bird gun but I could be persuaded to choose something a bit more maneuverable for SD purposes.
Eagle103 wrote:
President Hillary just signed a law limiting each household to only one firearm of each type.

You do realize that Donald Trump won the Presidential election, right? So that makes this only a hypothetical academic exercise.

...maximum versatility in a doomsday scenario....

Your qualifier is very important since the "doomsday" part causes me to change the choices I might otherwise make. In a doomday scenario, firearms stop being manufactured and it's a "come as you are" apocalypse. Acquiring ammunition and spare parts become more of a concern that it would if the world were going to continue and millions of people were having to dump their fourth, fifth or n-th gun onto the open market becuase they could only keep three.
  • Pistol: M1911A1-style automatic pistol in .45ACP. Parts and ammunition readily available and if you have to start scavenging, there's a good chance you can take one of these, or some ammunition, off the corpse of your adversary.
  • Rifle: AR-15-style in 5.56x45. Same rationale as with the pistol.
  • Shotgun: Mossburg 500 in 12 gauge. Same rationale as with the pistol.
If this were not about a "doomsday" scenario, my choices would be:
  • Pistol: S&W J-frame .38 Special. I inherited this from my grandmother and would keep it for senimental reasons.
  • Rifle: My Iver Johnson M1 Carbine in 5.7mm Johnson. An irreplacable gun. When the mythical President Hillary is voted out of office and sanity returns, ARs will probably once again become available and I can get one then, but I'll never have an opportunity to buy one of these.
  • Shotgun: Browning Auto-5: As with the S&W pistol, I got this from my father-in-law so I would keep it largely for senimental reasons.
I very seldom participate in these "only one" threads. Everyone will name what ever they have. For me tho I have 2 Model 12 Winchesters. I'd probably keep the 16 gauge because of the circumstances of how I happen to have it. It is my most cherished possession.

Although I own several rifles in various calibers and love them all the one I would keep because of its usefulness is a Ruger 10-22. I might just hide some of the others hoping I would not get caught.

For the handgun I most likely would save one of my 1911s to use when they came to look for the hidden stuff. I refuse to surrender firearms.
You do realize that Donald Trump won the Presidential election, right? So that makes this only a hypothetical academic exercise.

:rofl: Yes, I've crawled around some rocks but never under one quite that big.

I should clarify, this is indeed a hypothetical academic exercise and by "doomsday" I'm speaking in terms of firearm ownership, not a zombie apocolypse. The point is to choose one of each that would do the best job of filling your needs.
16inch AR with a 1x6 scope. Of the three I have built the 16 inch is a handy compromise.
S&W 642, I carry one now. I'd miss it.
S&W M-14 it self identifies as a shotgun. We can still have fun no matter who is elected.
Instead of worrying about which rifle or handgun, it might be better to consider which ammo.
While this rifle wouldn't be all that good for distance, the Marlin 1894 lever-action and a Ruger GP-100, both in .357 Magnum, means you have two guns but only need one ammo. Both could be used at close quarters, if need be, and the rifle could reach out about 150 yds.
Then you can fret over which shotgun you want.

Three guns - two ammos - less to lug around.
Doomsday considerations should include a lever action rifle in .357. That way you can have a pistol in .38/.357 and a dual .357 self defense/hunting rifle. Shotgun? Can't go wrong with a Mossberg 590A1.

And by the way, the OP should ban himself for at least one day for even writing "President Hillary." We dodged that bullet and shouldn't be reminded... :fire:
Eagle103 wrote:
:rofl: Yes, I've crawled around some rocks but never under one quite that big.

I hope you didn't take offense at my comment. It was intended to be dry humor.

As far as living under a rock, I'm retiring a place in the country where there is no internet service, the county road ends at the front gate and you have to go stand on the hill in back of the house to get a cell phone signal. I hope to only know that the outside world exists when I drive the 7 miles into the county seat and they have WiFi at the local diner.
JtHunter wrote:
Then you can fret over which shotgun you want.

I think you make a good point with regard to the .357. It is a very versatile cartridge and properly loaded would not only be good for self-defense, but would also be a viable round for taking deer at close ranges.

A shotgun, however, is important in a "doomsday" scenario because of its ability to harvest deer as well as birds. My grandmother grew up poor in southwestern Georgia in the early 1900's and learned early that each shot she made had to bring home game for the family. In a "doomsday" scenario, the ability to harvest birds may be the difference between surviving a winter or not.
Pistol- Sig P320. It's useful for carry when configured as a subcompact, and is readily configurable in other calibers and sizes. A .full sized 357 Sig conversion allows for near magnum performance. A Dan Wesson revolver takes second place due to modular barrels and stub grips, but I suspect it might be a little big and heavy for concealed carry. A Medusa revolver is in third place, since a fantasy revolver seems suitable for a fantasy thread.

Rifle- probably some AR15 derivative. Since it would be my only one, I might splurge for a piston gun in 5.56 and have DI uppers for the other calibers. A 9mm conversion is also in order. Colt's LE901 might be cool since it would allow 5.56 or .308, but I don't really need that much power. 6.5 Grendel is suitable for any hunting I might ever do. Since it would be the only rifle, I'd definitely have to SBR it.

Shotgun- doesn't really matter, as I don't do much shotgunning. Probably an Ithaca 37 in 12 gauge just because I already have one and it's a neat shotgun. It's an old one, though, so barrel swaps are impractical. A Wingmaster would be ok I guess, but I just don't like it as much.
Pistol- ....nevermind. I sat here trying and I couldn't even get past pistol. I'd bury all my firearms in the ground or something. I can say calibers and reasons for 'em. .22 -versatile. .357 -versatile. 12 Ga -versatile.
Ruger GP 100 ten shot cylinder 22lr
Ruger American Compact bolt action 22lr
No shotgun

Maximum versatility from self defense to hunting- "Shoot, Scoot and Hide
Doomsday- The only sure supply of ammo is what you have on hand

Logistics and mobility are the first two keys after you decide you will survive. A large supply of 22lr is logisticly sound for the described scenario and far more mobile than heavier rounds. Rugers named have few moving parts and in my experience are ultra reliable.

1) Colt Government 1911 .45 ACP with a .22 conversion assembly.
2) Colt AR15 with a .22 conversion assembly.
3) Maverick 88 12 gauge shotgun with extra barrels.
Ill play..... 1911 in .38 Super, Benelli M2 12ga......Ruger M77 .270....good for any big game, and 2-legged critters. But how boring to have only 3.....geeez.
Handgun- 5 to 7 inch .357 mag single action revolver, probably a Blackhawk hunter. Compromise? Not really. Quick handling and powerful. Accurate and easy to tote. Who actually NEEDS more than 6? If I chose a bottom feeder it would be a Witness Elite 10mm. Both effective on anything that doesn't hibernate.

Rifle- tough choice, likely a Marlin 336 30-30 but my 6.8spc AR is a tack driver with the same power, better bullets, and higher capacity. I begrudgingly go AR. Compromise? Not a ton of power at long range, but certainly accurate enough and powerful enough for whitetail or smaller out to 300. Elk to about 150. Again, effective on anything that doesn't hibernate.

Shotgun- toughest choice yet. Shotguns get heavy and unwieldy in some field configurations. I'm thinking pump 12ga capable of 3.5" shells. 20" 5+1. 870 sounds good but is heavy. Maybe a Winchester.
Boring day at work so I'll play as well:

Rifle: SCAR 17S (7.62NATO Select fire)
Shotgun: AA12 Automatic Shotgun
Glock 18 (Select Fire)

Seeing this is a imaginary scenario with President Clinton and we're limited to one of each...
Stainless ruger Gp100 would be my handgun. The reason plenty of power and built like a tank. The Russian sks would be my rifle. Is it better than any other rifle in any aspect? No, but it can do anything I want to do with it good enough. Its reliable, easy to maintain, simple to operate and tough as nails. The shotgun I would say the 870. I dont have one but hear good things about them.
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