what kind of gun owner/shooter/ person are you?

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Funny thing about getting old. I can look back and say, "Yeah, I did all that." Not necessarily in any order. Cloned a '70 SS Chevelle LS6, restored a factory 4spd '64 Impala, rode a Harley for 5 years, drank WAY too much beer, watched NASCAR back when the factories were involved "Race on Sunday sell on Monday". Could never afford the ATV 4-wheeler thing.(wrecked the first and only 3 wheeler I ever rode within 100 yds), always drove a PU truck, fell in love with single malt scotch, dipped, chewed and smoked, discovered fine cigars, kinda married into my gun love, enforced the law for 20 years, went to college, married and divorced. I've bought more guns in the last two years than ever before.

Nowdays I just get by describing myself as a Texan.
I am married with 2 daughters first and foremost.

I live 30 minutes from the city where I work, but considering the city is Portland Maine that 30 minutes makes me a country boy.

I am a white collar professional, but my passion is fire/ems which consumes much of my free time.

I grew up in the city and had to ride my bicycle 45 minutes to the trap range on weekends when I was a boy. You could get away with that in those days.

I drive a pickup truck, Goldwing and SUV.

I have not shot as much as I would like, but advice by some good people on here has sent me down the reloading path and I just shot my first batch today, so that adds to my passion of the shooting sports.
Reading threads like this makes me miss GunKid and Geoko45. They would have a lot to say.

Anyway I'm one of them tin foil hat wearing folks, and we don't say nuthing 'bout our ownselves on the internets.
I'm somewhere in between. I live out in the sticks where we shoot deer in the back yard, but I have no interest in making up my own words, drinking beer or offroading. I've never been drunk in my life.

I love guns, hunting, and reloading, but that's almost the only "country boy" criteria I fit into.
I immigrated to the US in the mid-90s from Sweden. I'm a proud father, city person who loves a good motorcycle ride out in the country, software engineer and musician, libertarian (largely), atheist, vegetarian, Thomas Jefferson fan, videogamer, police department volunteer with friends from all over and in all camps.

I own guns a) for self/home-defense, b) for competitive shooting and c) because I can and because it's a whole lot of fun! I have formal training and spend quality time with my son teaching him to shoot (he's better than most fools at the range already). Never hunted, no interest but have no issues with those who do so for food.

No neat box for me. :)
Foreign South American immigrant 10 years in the country.

Traveled extensively out of wanderlust, made a living in tourism south of the border, settled in PA first and now in NM.

Don't care for any competition sports too much ... I would watch the Tour de France a bit at a time though.
Army Vet (military police) 75-81
cut my own wood for heat
always go to work
say what I mean, mean what I say
what you see is what you get
if you ask my opinion I will give it to you
I vote
I love my family, my guns, and my Dallas Cowboys
Born to educated parents and lived on the outer edge of the burbs growing up. Was given my mom's target rifle when I was eleven and shot NRA 4-position small-bore at that time. Began hunting when I was about 12, but kind of learned on my own because my parents weren't into it.

I am now a retired educator with a doctorate degree. My wife and I (also from the burbs) have always chosen to live in rurally and heat with wood. We live on only about 20 acres, but have access to dozens of neighboring farms to hunt on. We have a backyard rifle/pistol range. I have bagged over 80 deer (rifle, shotgun, bow, handgun, and muzzle loader) on these local farms. I am also an avid bird hunter (quail, dove). In the beginning, my guns were mostly hunting and target types. Now some handguns (target, hunting, ccw) have joined the mix. I have shot IDPA, league skeet, league trap, smallbore, etc. Don't care for NASCAR, but love my truck.
Northern country living, factory working, 50 year old father of 1, biker that rides for the ride not the next beer. I trust very few and ride with less than that. On any issue I ask for opinions but come to my own conclusions. Had the same 4x4 pickup for the last 11 years and the same wife for 23.

Been a "gun nut" as long as I can remember.
My grandfather had me shooting a 30 carbine when I was 4 years old. Got bit hard by the gunbug. Live in what most would call paradise. Work hard, play hard, vol firefighter, proud gun owner, and longtime reloader. U think it and I done it.:neener: I make most look boooooring,:D
I may be a Southern Baptist minister, but I'm not one of the "beer bashing" kind. I see nothing wrong with having a few beers. In fact, the only scripture I find dealing directly with drunkeness, states that we are not to make a habit of it. But just try to get me, or one of my fellow Baptists away from the 2nd trip to the buffet of an all u can eat place and ya got a problem.

And I love football! I must, to have been a KC Cheifs fan all these years ya can't say I don't believe in lost causes.
I'd like to think of myself as an intellectual country boy. One parent a college professor, the other a professional man. My mother grew up on a farm, my dad served in the Navy in WWII, medical corpsman attached to the Marines for a while.

I am as interested in guns and knives as I am in history, geology, and science. Wouldn't give you a nickel for a monster truck or a NASCAR ticket but I love 4x4s of a more practical nature...I want one like you see on those African safaris. I love UNIMOGs...google UNIMOG.

I love Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, Dvorak, Pearl Jam, Thellonius Monk, John Coltrane, Rush, Vivaldi.

I can't decide if I love a SCAR light or a Winchester in 32-20 better...probably because I have neither. I love a Puukko as much as an EESE.
I grew up out in the farm and pasture land some 120 miles from Cheyenne ,Wyo`. My older brother help me shoot a 22 rimfire when I was in the first grade. My dad gave me a Remington slide action 22 rimfire in 1949 on which a gunsmith in Cheyenne mounted WeaverJ4 scope. There were plenty cotten tail, jack rabits ,prairie dogs and other unwanted critters back then to hunt with the 22 rifle. In 1952 I purchases a Winchester Mdl.70 270and a Weaver K 4 scope . In 1953 I started reloading with a Lymon Tru Line Jr press and neck dies. Shooting ,reloading, hunting, fishing, camping, and collecting became a life long hobby. I missed the outdoor sports while in the army for two years and limited hunting when I attended collage. I have hunted in Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Pronghorn, mule deer, elk, and other critters have ben dropped with that old 270 Win..Im 74 years old, had a good life--got to get some ammo loaded up for the 17 Fireball for spring prairie dog shooting.
I'm an odd mix. I grew up in the country, with "country" family. Hunted, fished, etc. I grew up with absolutely traditional type weapons. Old pump shotguns, old bolt actions, etc. People from where I was at actually seemed (and still do) to have a sort of disdain for handguns and military type guns. I personally was the oddball in the family though and never got into the "redneck" side of things. Muscle cars, mullets, and Dixie Outfitters clothing just aren't my style. I always preferred to spend more time reading or on my computer when I wasn't hunting. I was also into shooting though and had a reputation for knowing a lot of about guns and being a good marksman. I attended college, got a degree in Computer Science, and now have a pretty good job.

After I got out of college, not being one to worry much about traditional views from back home, I decided to start buying a few handguns. Found out that I really like shooting those (really even more than long guns).

Nowadays I've got almost 40 guns. A lot are pretty traditional bolt actions and milsurps (though I'm contemplating getting rid of some of the milsurp rifles - I just don't ever shoot most of them). About 10 are handguns though and I even added an AR15 to my collection last year :). Overall I'm just a guy who's into guns in general and enjoys shooting when I have the time.
I suppose I grew up a country boy, but I have been living in suburbia for decades now. I used to hunt, fish, trap, go snowmobiling, first vehicle I had access to was a beat old truck with no bed. Not so much any more. My yard is a couple of acres , not square miles like it used to be. I drive an old escort and I haven't been hunting in years (still fish though). Most of my friends around here think I'm something of a redneck and you'll still hear things like "down the road piece" , "ayuh" and "Don't know how you do things down theah but around heah" but I'm not the tobacco chewing, wood splitting Mainer that I once was.
I still have he shotgun and .22 that my father gave me but I've picked up a bunch of Mosins, Lee-Enfields, black powder pistols and Mausers and various mil-surps, but the hunting end of firearms is no longer a concern. So I suppose I have a little redneck in me, but I'm mostly a suburban boy now.
wow i didnt expect to see so many city folk in here
Seriously? Is gun ownership and shooting a "country thing"? Don't you just love "people boxes".

I currently live within a city. In the past 57 years, I've lived in a lot of different cities, a lot of country settings, in a lot of states, and in a lot of countries. Does that make me a city or a country person?
I enjoy good beer and I detest BudLite and PBR......so perhaps I'm not a redneck?
I love my old Jeep, enjoy sports car racing & hot rods, and NASCAR before it became the arena-football-of-motorsports.
I'm a white collar professional now, but have worked all sorts of jobs in my life.
I love mechanical things and guns have always intrigued me from that standpoint. I've owned guns and have enjoyed shooting/plinking/hunting since I was young. Currently own sufficient number of firearms that I need a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. I just like 'em.
I'm not a dude, a redneck, a city boy, or whatever......I am just me.
You can put away your people boxes now. ;)
Not quite a red neck, but i call my favorite web sites MY redneck sites. Always had a few guns, nothing big, just not to showy about it. Rifle, shotgun or hand gun it doesn't matter, i do pretty well with it. I shoot pistols at rifle ranges. 2 sons, one likes rifle, other likes pistol, and my girl does rifle like her daddy. Just started hunting elk for meat (1 for 1), hence the need for more gun knowledge. Cars, drool, any race with 4 tires and an engine, I'm all over it, Especially dirt track. I carry a backpacking fishing kit in my truck (suburban) at all times. Camp with my scouts once a month. Maybe I'm more redneck than i like to admit :) Bob
Whenever I read stuff like this I am always impressed regarding the diversity of the gun enthusiast community. It really isn't the narrow group the anti's like to paint us as.

Myself? I am a bit of redneck country boy and urban sophisticate rolled into one. I enjoy the outdoors, though due to living in a major urban area and having an office job I don't get to enjoy them as much as I'd like. I like beer, though probably not the type rednecks would like (give me a nice IPA or brown ale over Piss Light any day). I follow NASCAR but am more into F1 and sportscar racing, and I am a major-league gearhead who likes all interesting/fun cars. Italians (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, etc.) along with Porsche and BMW are probably my preferences, though I love the great American classics too. I'm always down for some fishing though I don't get to do it as much as I'd like. I don't own a pickup truck but wouldn't mind having one around, currently I drive a VW Golf (about the most un-redneck car out there).

My mom's side of the family is from the South, my dad's side of the family is Yankee Irish Catholics.I grew up in a medium-size city (Richmond, VA) in the South and moved to a smaller city (Roanoke, VA) late in elementary school. I have a B.S. in Finance from a highly-ranked state business school and am pursuing a professional designation in investment managmement; I currently work in the management consulting field. I live in the suburbs of a large metro area that is rather infamous among gun owners for its handgun bans and bloviating local and Federal politicians.

I enjoy a wide variety of activities in addition to shooting - cars, reading a good book, running, online gaming, being involved with my church, a good political argument, military history, riding roller coasters, travel, airshows, and generally enjoying life with other people. My political views would be described by some as right-wing Christian fundamentalist pig; I prefer to think of myself as an informed conservative who loves his country and wants to see it adhere to the principles that made it great while preserving political, religions, and economic freedom for future generations.

I had never shot a real gun in my life until college, when I picked up the habit. I had never really been exposed to guns at all before then, growing up in the suburbs and all. Once I got hooked, I was hooked hard. I now have 6 guns and use them all regularly. I shoot for fun, for stress release, as a social outlet, and for defensive preparedness.
Im 26. grew up in a big city. Joined the Army right out of high school. Got out in 2006 and became a LEO for the same big city I grew up in and patrol my old neighborhoods.

married to a great wife and have a beautiful 10 month old daughter.

I love cars and racing. HATE Nascar... I like my races to have right hand turns and the need for good brakes.

I drive a Subaru and am a active member in the national Subaru club. Also have a 1970 Chevelle SS that is currently down for repairs. Also play a lot of videogames.

I dont drink and hate the taste of beer. Ill have a good mixed drink maybe once a year.

My guns are varied but all serve a purpose, except for the family heirlooms. I will buy guns though that are cool just for the fun of owning one. I will get a Sharps, or a clone, one day.

I dont do much hunting but would like to. Biggest game I have shot is a jack rabbit. But really, some of the jack rabbits around here are almost the size of some of the deer I saw in Georgia!!!:D
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