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Feb 14, 2007
NM- far south of I-40
New one for me but I am usually a day late and a dollar short when it comes to something new. Anyway I stopped at the LGS this afternoon just to chew the fat with the owner. While doing so I was looking at the selections of handguns under glass and saw three S&W EZs lined up and could only make out 30 and a couple of words on the caliber line on the card of the one closest to me. Turns out it is in 30 Super Carry, a brand new thing to me. It is supposed to be the latest, greatest thing in carry gun calibers and he also had ammo for it. It is quire a bit longer cartridge than 380 and I wondered just how easy the EZ is for that caliber. Not bad but certainly not as easy as the original EZ or the 9mm version either. I didn't ask the cost of the ammo.

On down the line a little way he had something that I liked a lot better. It was a three inch S&W in 357. Model 626 (if I remember correctly). 7shots in an unfluted cylinder and a heavy little critter. It was priced at $750.
It’s not as EZ as the .380 but about the same as the 9mm.

I’m quite fond of mine!
It’s got 9mm power, but slightly less recoil. Slightly greater magazine capacity.
But best of all, it’s a tack driver! The photo in my avatar is rotated 90deg right.
With Federal HST 100gr, it shoots 1.25” groups at 25yds.

When it’s discontinued. It’ll escalate in value.
Price of ammunition has been dropping. About the same as 9mm factory ammo.
Not much reloading data.
30sc is meant to be "9x19 equivalent" at 80% of the diameter. Which may allow getting 11 rounds into a 10 round 9x19 sized magazine.

Ammo is a bit hit or miss (NPI) in my experience, either none, or plenty of boxes. Virtually all I've seen has been about 2:1 SD ammo to Ball ammo.

People I trust who have shot the stuff tell me it feels just like 9x19 in the small guns used.
Id like to see the 30 SC offered in a few more platforms… Maybe in a ultra thin pistol?
You are only going to get 1 or 2 more rounds of 30SC into a single stack magazine vs 9mm. With double stack mags you can get 4-5 more rounds vs 9mm. I tested Glock G43, Glock 19 and 1911 9mm mags and that was my results. With a G19 mag, an extra 5 round would require a modification to the follower. I was only able to get 1 extra into the G43 and 1911 9mm mags. The G43 mags would need a total redesign, the feed lips are too wide to even hold 30SC in.
When I tested out magazine capacity, I did not have any 30SC ammo so I used 32 ACP cases which are close to 30SC dimensions. I only got +1 in a G43 magazine (no photos since the mag won't hold 32ACP cases in), I got +1 1911 9mm mags and +4 in G19 mags. With G19 mags, a redesign of the follower would allow +5.

Here are the photos of the 1911 9mm mag and G19 mag with 32ACP cases.

32 in G19 mag.jpg 32 in 1911 mag.jpg
30sc is meant to be "9x19 equivalent" at 80% of the diameter.

I think that is where they missed the mark. I think that the 30 Super Carry could be a better replacement for a .380 than a 9mm.

The .380 is basically an anemic 9mm round. It does have softer recoil and less muzzle flip, but at reduced velocity making it more susceptible to less than ideal expansion.

But with a 30 Super Carry with it's smaller cross sectional area, if you use a lighter bullet, say maybe 90 gr or 100 gr, and you adjust the powder load to produce adequate velocity for expansion, you would have reduced recoil and muzzle flip and still have a reasonably effective round that would reliably expand. It would be perfect for men with arthritis and women with weaker hands. You could also make the pistol slightly thinner for better concealment.
Although I do like shooting my 7.62x25 CZ-52 I prefer the largest diameter bullet that I can conceal for a edc round. It is the first bullet that counts most so I want my first bullet to make the biggest hole possible.

When I go to the big city I carry my XDS in .45acp. In my local town I usually just pocket carry my 9mm DB9. I have no interest in carrying a small diameter bullet than 9mm.

I always thought the 50 GI sounded like a cool round for a boutique round.
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