Someone needs to make a new straight walled rifle cartridge for deer hunting in Ohio

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As previously stated, gov't agencies work in strange ways.
States can't help themselves any time you try to legislate ethics you're gonna get stupid legislation. In Kansas the 10mm wasn't legal and the 38-40 was.
Finally found the regulation, and it also says blackpowder cartridge rifles, and then gives a list , but leaves out an awful lot of pretty darn good cartridges. But it doesn't say that the cartridges on the list are the only ones allowed, so it would be interesting to see what they would do with somebody whackin deer with a 40-65,44-77 or 45-75..
Actually Winchester has some highwalls out in 32-40 as well as some model 94's. C Sharps, and CPA both offer the cartridge as a chambering option, and Winchester still makes season production runs of both loaded ammo and brass. Plus it's just a simple deal to run 38-55 brass into a 32-40 size die...

The point was that the 32-40 hasn't been a FULL PRODUCTION CARTRIDGE (both ammo and rifles) for more than 70 years. Therefore it's entirely understandable that the Ohio game commission overlooked it, even if it were straight walled. Which it's not.

Winchester ammunition no longer has the cartridge listed on their website. Winchester guns does have highwalls and 94s currently listed on their website, but none in 32-40. The fact that you can get a boutique manufacturer to custom chamber a gun in it may be true, but is entirely beside the point.
I think it was two years ago Winchester ran those 1885's..
But it's all symantics anyway, but at least now you've learned a little about the 32-40 :)
I think it was two years ago Winchester ran those 1885's..
If they did, they didn't make very many because there are no 1885s or 94s in 32-40 newer than the John Waynes for sale on Gunbroker. Until I see some proof, I'm going to consider them the perfect rifle for hunting unicorns.

Just not in Ohio. :)
I'm pretty sure it was the same year they did the limited run on the traditional hunter rifles as the 30-40.
But no matter , as you say it's not listed on Ohio's list anyway.
It might of been helpful for the link to the Ohio regulation to have been posted so that some of these answers may have been given more in line with what is appropriate, rather than sliming around in symantecs, over well intentioned suggestions.
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