A gun control convo with my liberal friend....

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Almost had that with FDR, (in a way) up until him the tradition was to step down after two terms. Yes he still would have to be elected, but had he lived, would he have been elected again (and again?)
I guess God had the vote that counted.
I'm sorry but if anybody thinks AR15's will provide anything close to the firepower of the military then they are living in la-la land. And if they think it is a good idea to make artillery, armor, anti-tank and and anti-aircraft weapons readily available they are also living in la-la land. And before anybody tries to claim otherwise there is no parallel between defeating a modern military at home and afghan fighters trying to make it too costly to continue an occupation on the others side of the planet.

So if the majority of Germans supported Hitler to begin with what good would a small group of rebels do in defeating the German military while holding the support of the majority of the citizens?
I strongly suggest you actually sit down and research the term guerrilla warfare.

An AR15 very notably put ones on a equal footing as one is not looking for a standup fight in the traditional manner.

It is also not about making it costly, but taking advantages of weaknesses in a militarys operation. On a the home front for a military that relies heavily on a civilian populace, those points are numerous. As Sambo82 stated, there is a vast need for replacement parts etc. This provides a very notably choke point that can be closed fairly easily.

Also in regards to all those big and expensive stuff you listed, that all can be seized via small arms.

The other thing to take into account is once a military begins operations on it's home soil, there will be more than a few annoyed people. This will provide a notable pool for recruits.

And as you said, we are not AF. We are also not DE.
Even in the 21st Century, due to the vulnerability of the massive support structure necessary to maintain our vaunted military technology, the Second Amendment is still applicable for its original purpose. IMO.

This is pretty close to what I was thinking. As a vet myself, I get an inkling that the man from Austin isn't. It is interesting to me that he claims matter-of -factly that your point is invalid.
The liberal perspective? No, my perspective is simply objective. The vast majority with the "overthrow the government" fantasy are simply choosing to believe what they wish rather than look at things as they are. It's called backwards thinking, coming to a conclusion first and then filtering out any data that fails to support it. I would probably agree that this practice is common among those who self identify as right wing but it certainly occurs with many left wingers as well.

First, he is no more my president than he is yours. And the fact is i actually supported Gary Johnson.

So please explain to me how you came to the conclusion that i'm a liberal from this thread? Because i don't go along with a fantasy commonly held among those on the right i'm by default liberal?

Well, let me preface my saying that i own well over a dozen "assault weapons" in addition to 50 plus AR mags, 35 ak74 mags, 40 ak47 mags, etc, etc. After the recent school shooting i did find myself re-examining my positions and was mostly worried that my position was based on selfish preferences rather than what is right. After lots of thinking, listening and reading different
perspectives and then discussions with people on both sides of the issue i eventually reaffirmed my opposition to an AWB. I do concede that there are valid arguments on both sides and it is not black and white like most wish to pretend. But in the end i believe the reasons against an AWB significantly outweigh those for it. To summarize briefly, "Assault rifles" are used in a very small
minority of crimes and they are certainly advantageous for home defense. They could also prove highly valuable in a natural or man made catastrophe. Most importantly, school and mass shootings and the like could be performed just as easily, if not more so, with a handgun. Overthrowing a tyrannical government is simply not a valid reason to oppose an AWB.

Justin, its been awhile but I have seen you post on other threads with some left leaning comments.... Again not meaning to offend either way.

There have been a few far left posters that have largely vanished........ I guess you arent one
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